The 2015 NFL draft is an interesting one. There are quite a few solid players throughout the draft, but there aren't many 'safe' players anywhere. Here are my top-5 at each position this year:


Position grade: C+

There are two guys you want at the top, and four other guys that you would be ok grabbing.

1) Jameis Winston, FSU

You can hate ol' crabcakes all that you want, and a lot of the concerns are valid. But Winston has one of the best football minds since Peyton came out. He actually was accepted into Stanford from highschool, and is pre-snap one of the best minds you will ever see. There is some concern about his number of interceptions, but his ability to adjust and dominate in the 2nd half.

2) Marcus Marriota, Oregon

Mariota has taken something like four snaps from center in his career. He played in a very goofy offense that doesn't offer a lot of the tempo, protection reads, and complete route trees. At the same time he excelled greatly at it, and is a very smart player. I am worried about his ball control, his ability to stay in the pocket, and the fact that he is a very quiet player.

3) Bryce Petty, Baylor

I don't love Petty like some, but as a developmental guy I think he fits that part extremely well. 

4) Garrett Grayson, Colorado State

Grayson isn't as clean as some make him seem, but he has some very good traits. I think a solid year of learning and he may develop into a starter. I love him for a team like the Cards.

5) Brett Hundley, UCLA

I just don't get the Hundley hype. He definitely flashed brilliance in his career, but I don't see the control in the pocket that you need even from a 2nd round QB. 


Position grade: B

Overall decent draft. There are no studs, but a couple of top-40 talents. Pepper in some 2nd and 3rd round backs that play their parts well, and ok depth throughout the rest.

1) Todd Gurley, Georgia

If you were to take away the injury history he could be a top-5 pick in this weaker draft. He is a physical stud that can do it all, and he simply dominates.

2) Melvin Gordon, Wisconsin

Gordon is a bellcow that can do a little bit of everything. He has a lot of rubber burnt off the wheels and he comes from a team that is producing good talent (although not at the next level).