updated 3/4

3-4 OLB

1) Jadeveon Clowney, South Carolina

You probably know his name

2) Khalil Mack, Buffalo

I personally don't see the top-5 hype in Mack that many others do, but the potential is there. He blew it up against Ohio State, but disappeared often during the season. I could see him become a great pass rusher or even an ok coverage linebacker in the 4-3. 

3) Anthony Barr, UCLA

Barr came out of nowhere a couple of years ago and blew it up on defense. He didn't disappoint in 2013 when he tore up the Pac-12 offenses. He can only get better, and he could be a monster in the league.

4) Kareem Martin, UNC

He won't go as early as I like him, but he is the kind of freak that a team like the Saints could get in the late first and have become a pressure machine.

5) Dee Ford, Auburn

Ford wasn't able to work the combine because of a strange injury being dug up, but he has a ton of potential. 

4-3 OLB

Khalil Mack, Buffalo

He could be a top-5 pick, but I don't like him as much in the 4-3 there because I don't know that he will be used properly. A 4-3 team might take him regardless because of his versatility.

2) Anthony Barr, UCLA

I like him more in the 3-4, but he could be a very good asset in a 4-3 scheme.

3) C.J Mosley, Alabama

His instincts sometimes hurt him, but I really like Mosley to slide in and become a solid force in the league.

4) Ryan Shazier, Ohio State

Shazier might be the first guy that will be drafted at fair value for the 4-3.

5) Kyle Van Noy, BYU

He started last year as a potential top-10 pick, and after a year of double teams and still being a TFL machine he could be a steal.


1) C.J Mosley, Alabama

I like Mosley a lot more in the middle because it will allow him to refine his instincts while showing a great force.

2) Carl Bradford, Arizona State

Bradford is a striking pass rusher that is also very good at stopping the run. Look for him to become a possible steal in the league.

3) Chris Borland, Wisconsin

Borland isn't a huge guy, but he has a ton of potential to step up and lead a defense.

4) Shane Skov, Stanford

Skov is a good, smart linebacker with great size.