Updated 3/5

4-3 DE

1) Jadeveon Clowney, South Carolina

No shock here. Clowney has all of the physical tools to become a stud in the NFL, but he will need to be refined and turned into the 20-sack a season specimen that he is.

2) Stephon Tuitt, Notre Dame

Tuitt has a ton of potential, and might be too big to play end for a lot of teams. He might become an elite 3-4 end though.

3) Kony Ealy, Mizzou

It really drops off after Clowney, but Ealy is the second best choice. He has ok speed, decent size and height, and a good impact. You do have to wonder a little bit if he blew it up more because of Michael Sam's 2013 season.

4) Kareem Martin, UNC

Martin is a TFL monster that really turned it up this last season. He does has some suspiciously cold games, but he can
also dominate an offensive line if pushed.

5) Scott Crichton, Oregon State

3-4 DE

1) Ra'Shede Hageman, Minnesota

Hageman is a brawling monster that has JJ Watt potential. He is a machine that at times can't be stopped.

2) Stephon Tuitt, Notre Dame

I really like him more as a dominating 3-4 DE, or even an impact nose tackle on some teams.

4-3 DT

1) Ra'Shede Hageman, Minnesota

He will need some pushing, but Hageman could be a steal in this draft. He is strong, is a great run stopper, and can penetrate inside. Given the right team he could be a Geno Atkins kind of force.

2) Aaron Donald, Pittsburgh

Donald's problem has always been his size, and that is going to be something that will hurt his stock on some teams. The teams that can look past him being short, and  having small arms will love him. 

3) Lucas Nix, Notre Dame

If he can stay healthy then he could be one of the better tackles in the league. For his size he is a lethal lane stuffer that can also penetrate. 

4) Timmy Jernigan, FSU

Jernigan athletically could be the best tackle in the draft, but he will need some refinement to be the stud in the league that we all know he could be.

3-4 NT

1) Lucas Nix, Notre Dame

If he stays healthy then he could have a Vince Wilfork kind of career.

2) Ra'Shede Hageman, Minnesota

Hageman isn't a protypical NT, but could fit in very well on some lighter scale defenses.