1) Justin Hunter, Tennessee

This might be a shock to some, but I really like Justin Hunter. He can read routes, he has blazing speed and he is tall. He also can block too which is something that every read option team will like. I think he get's too much hate for his ACL injury a few years ago, but he did just fine last year and gained more confidence as the year went on. Think Kenny Britt with few issues.

 2) Tavon Austin, West Virginia

I don't think that Tavon Austin is going to have a HOF kind of career, but he has game changing abilities both in the passing game, as well in the run game. With the evolution of the wide receiver he could get overdrafted. My biggest worry is that any team looking to run the read-option might pass on him this high because he will not have the impact that they would need as a blocker.

3) Cordarrelle Patterson, Tennessee

Patterson has the potential to be a stud in the league, but I just don't know if he has 'it'. He doesn't run the routes that he needs to, but if he could get everything together then he could be a steal. I think he would succeed on a team that would make him earn his place (think Pittsburgh), or on a team that will just let him play (think Chad Johnson on the Bengals).
4) Keenan Allen, California

I have learned over the years to not doubt a Tedford prospect. Allen is the 'safe' pick among the top receivers, but I don't see that athletic freak gene that I see from other Tedford guys in the past.


Marquess Wilson, Washington State (sort of)

Wilson left the Cougar program this season because of a clash between the new coaching staff. Some teams will see this as him quitting on a team, while others will think that he is worth the risk. When he tried in college it was clear that he was a top-20 pick, and he is worth the risk for where he likely will get drafted.


Denard Robinson, Michigan

There are some top-40 rumors out there for Robinson, but I just don't see it. Shoelace is a fine enough player that I'd love to grab in the 4th, but not the top-40. If Denard can commit to truly being a wide-out in the league, then think that he could have an impact in the league.


1) Tyler Eifert, Notre Dame

Eifert is the hands down best tight end in the field, but I don't know that he will actually have the biggest impact when it is all said and done.

2) Zach Ertz, Stanford

Zach Ertz is a guy that I think is a little underrated. His blocking skills have been burned a lot more than Eifert despite the fact that I think they will both be fine.

3) Gavin Escobar, SD State

The tight end that might end up having the best career could easily be Escobar. He can't block, but there are too many offenses in the league that don't have blocking tight ends any more. Escobar has big time receiving potential.


Vance McDonald, Rice

Vance McDonald didn't have a farm, but he looks like he was raised on one. Giant arms, huge hands, and incredible strength pair up well with good size and speed. He isn't a tall tight end (6-4), but he has elite blocking skills that some teams will love. I think that a team could actually decide to play him in one of three or four different spots on the field.