1) Geno Smith, West Virginia

In a draft with very little talent Geno Smith is the best QB. He is a developmental guy, but whichever team get's him will likely have the option to give him time to develop.

2) E.J. Manuel, Florida State

I will talk about Matt Barkley next, but I think that Manuel's potential puts him up very high. Yes he is entering a league that is great for athletic QB's, but I think that he has some potential to be a starting QB in the league as a pocket passer.

3) Matt Barkley, USC

I just don't get the hype, and I didn't get it even before last season. He never had the schedule that other mid-round guys like Tyler Bray and Tyler Wilson had. He looked really good when he played with an offensive line that included two top-10 draft picks, and don't forget Robert Woods and Marqise Lee. He just doesn't have the physical tools (average-at-best-arm) to warrant him going to a team that doesn't have the surrounding tools, and in a decade where USC QB's severely under-performed in the NFL I have to think that Barkley compares too much to Mark Sanchez.


Tyler Bray, Tennessee

Bray has the best arm in the draft, and he could end up being the best QB to come out of the class, but he just never put it together in college. If he lands on a team like the Steelers or Texans then he would be able to work his way to a potential future starter somewhere.

Tyler Wilson, Arkansas

Wilson had a tough year at Arkansas, but he put together an ok season. He has a ton of potential, and could rise up really well in a system like Green Bay's.


Ryan Nassib, Syracuse

I don't quite trust him. He feels like when you play as a bad team in the NCAA Football games and throw 26 scores and 10 picks you think you have a good guy. He put up decent numbers for the Orange, and he is a smart QB, but I just don't know if it will translate to a solid starting QB. Think Ryan Fitzpatrick.

Mike Glennon, NC State

I actually don't mind Glennon as a 4th or 5th round pick, but he could get over drafted. He has a solid arm, but his decision making scares me. He threw 4 interceptions in the first game last year to a Tennessee team that had only 12 total for the season.