1) Dion Jordan, Oregon

Jordan has the potential to be a stud. He is an athletic freak with Aldon Smith potential, and he has experience to back it up.

2) Jarvis Jones, Georgia

Every fan wants Jones on their team because they have seen what he does on the field. Unfortunately he might fall some because of what he is off the field. Take the good and the bad and he is the classic pick that falls to a team like the Steelers, Giants, or Patriots.

3) Ziggy Ansah, BYU

Ansah is a little heavy for the prototype player, but his athleticism allows any team to potentially take him.

4) Barkevious Mingo, LSU

Mingo is a big time athlete with a ton of experience. He will disappear at times, but that can be fixed.


1) Dion Jordan, Oregon

His value isn't as high in the 4-3, but a team like the Jags might take him to fill a gadget role.
2) Jarvis Jones, Georgia

I actually like Jones best in the 4-3 because of his coverage skills, but there are too many medical reports to scare.

3) Arthur Brown, Kansas State

Brown is the classic 4-3 OLB that will likely go in the 25-45 range