**UPDATED 1/20**

1) Justin Blackmon, Oklahoma State

Blackmon is a special prospect too that has been nothing but unstoppable in college. Blackmon doesn't have elite measurables, but that didn't stop him from scoring 100+ yards and at least one touchdown per game in 2010. With him being the most dangerous player in the nation in 2011 he did nothing but destroy just about every team he faced.

2) Kendall Wright, Baylor

Wright owes all of his stock to Robert Griffin, and he may end up a top-10 pick because of him. Wright just looks too much like a Mike Wallace, Antonio Brown, or DeSean Jackson type of player.
3) Alshon Jeffery, South Carolina

It is rare for me to say that I think a prospect could end up being one of the top-3 players in the league over time. I do however believe that we might say that about Jeffery in a few years. He is a gigantic (6'4, 223 pound) receiver with great hands, great (for his size) speed, and he has a unique ability to play every single receiver role needed. The problem is that he just doesn't look motivated all the time.
4) Mohammad Sanu, Rutgers

Sanu looks like he could be the 2012 version of Randall Cobb. He is a pretty good receiver that also gets a lot of touches as a runner, but I personally don't like him as a pure receiver because his YPC, YPG, RPG and TD/G are all very low. 
5) Michael Floyd, Notre Dame

Floyd on the field is a top-12 pick. Unfortunately he has a history of injuries, and multiple alcohol related arrests. 

6) Rueben Randle, LSU

I don't understand why LSU can't find a quarterback. The team produces so many quality NFL receivers and Randle is yet another one.

7) Ryan Broyles, Oklahoma

Broyles is now an injury concern, but I would rather draft him and sit him for a season if it meant having a top-20 quality receiver for the future.
8) Jeff Fuller, Texas A&M

Fuller fell out a bit this last year, but so did the entire TAMU team.

9) Marvin McNutt, Iowa

McNutt won't blow you away in the stats column, but given Iowa's lackluster passing offense his stats translate very similarly to many of the best in college.

10) Juron Criner, Arizona

Criner's stock hinges a bit on the stock of Nick Foles, so don't be shocked if he becomes a 1st round receiver over the 2011 season.

11) Nick Toon, Wisconsin

I'm a lot lower on Toon than most are. He never has been an unstoppable force, and I don't think he ever will be.