**UPDATED 1/20**

 1) Trent Richardson, Alabama

When the guy you are the backup for wins the Heisman in 2009 and gets drafted 28th overall in the draft, and many consider you to be the better prospect, then things are very good for Richardson. He's a stud and quite possibly the only player worthy of a top-50 pick.

2*) LaMichael James, Oregon

There is an asterik for this pick for a few reasons. James is not an every down runner in the NFL like some believe, but he will be a stud to start. If he goes to a team that has a stable rusher (perhaps Saint Louis, Houston or Minnesota), then he can get 20 touches a game to do nothing but make plays which will make him one of the nastiest players in the league. But if a team reaches on him to use him thinking like Chris Johnson then he will be out of the league in five years.

As an Oregon graduate I should really turn in my diploma for being skeptical. I actually was high on James from the start of his career and told many to look out for him in 2009 before LaGarrette Blount was even suspended, but I just don't love LaMichael James at the next level. He has the height of Maurice Jones Drew, but is 20 pounds lighter. He has the same frame of Chris Johnson, but is two inches shorter. I just don't think too light and too short are keys for a player to be a feature player in the NFL. 

Some will say that his size didn't matter when he was tearing up the Pac-10 in 2010, but it really did. There were numerous games where James left the field hurt (where play stopped for him), but he did fight through it. Also, if you look at his stats you would notice that his production fell off significantly.

His 2011 stats weren't much better either. James got banged up, and was exposed severely in the LSU and USC games.

3) Chris Polk, Washington

Some Ducks will dislike this move, but I think that Polk might be the best NFL RB prospect in the Pac-12. Now that Washington has a pretty good offensive line it has shown as Polk has been lethal at times this season. The problem however is that Polk has had 800 carries in college and has only scored 26 times (nearly only one touchdown per 31 carries)

4) Bernard Pierce, Temple

Pierce has essentially been the Temple offense for the last three years, and I think he will be great at the next level. He is a powerful runner that gets to the endzone at a violent rate (less than once every 13 carries). I expect Pierce to shock some at the combine by showing better than expected speed. 

5) Lamar Miller, Miami

I personally don't see the love for Miller. He's not overly powerful (is hard to bring down though). He is fast and has a second gear, but doesn't make too many breakaway plays (only five 40+ yard runs last year). I personally just don't see a guy that can succeed with 20 touches a game, and so I don't see him as any more than a 3rd round back.

6) David Wilson, Virginia Tech

If anyone follows the site, they know that I REALLY hate school-prospects. Every Pete Carroll USC QB has underachieved in the pros in part because they were school-prospects that were overdrafted. Virginia Tech runners are always coveted like 1st round game changers, but they just haven't shown well in the pros.

7) Doug Martin, Boise State

 Doug Martin is a guy that could be a steal at the next level. He won't be a feature back, but a team like Detroit, Miami, Arizona or Washington could benefit from plugging him in during the game.

8) Terrance Ganaway, Baylor

Ganaway might be taken as a fullback by some teams because of his size, but I think he is too good of a power rusher to not take in the top-100 picks.