**UPDATED 1/20**

 1) Andrew Luck, Stanford

This should come as no surprise. Luck has the makings of the best quarterback prospect ever, but I don't know if I personally would say that. Luck hasn't had much experience against many great defenses, he has had a few poor games that raise some questions, and he doesn't have a perfect distance ball. I also have noticed that he throws a few of his balls slightly off which turn into overthrows or tipped interceptions.These are all picky aspects, but even the great Andrew Luck has some flaws.

2) Robert Griffin, Baylor

I really like Robert Griffin as an NFL player. There isn't an easy way to explain this, but if Griffin were a white quarterback all else the same, he may be the first overall pick. He has a strong arm, is very accurate, did things in college that we have never seen before, and turned around an entire college team.  

3) Kellen Moore, Boise State

Each and every year I tend to find a quarterback that I think will rise significantly throughout the year. In 2010 I picked Jimmy Clausen who competed to become the 1st overall pick (but wound up in the 2nd round). In 2011 I was the first source to mock Cam Newton as 1st overall pick in November.

In 2012 I believe Moore should be that guy. NFL teams are starting to overvalue the college 'winners' (see Andy Dalton & Colin Kaepernick). Moore has a strong enough arm to make the necessary throws, he is accurate, and he doesn't make mistakes. He is clutch when he needs to be, and he can get out of the pocket and throw a pretty ball when he needs to. He hasn't faced a heavy number of great teams in a great conference, but he has led a team multiple victories against great BCS teams like Oregon (twice), Georgia and Virginia Tech.

So why doesn't everyone else love Kellen Moore? His size. He is only 6'0 and he is only 190 pounds, but looking at his 2011 frame you may notice that he looks a little bit bulkier, and a little taller. One thing that I always will stress though is that we have to wait for the combine before we judge. Tyron Smith was a late 1st round pick until he gained 10-15 pounds in the offseason to get to a prettier weight. Moore has room to grow and there is no true telling what we will see come the combine. I myself grew and inch and a half between my senior year in college, and there is no saying that Moore cannot do that. I never like to bring up the Drew Brees aspect on height, but the fact of the matter is that the best comparison to Moore's potential might be Brees. 

Moore isn't a prefect prospect, but everything that he does wrong mechanically is fixable and closer than most other players entering the draft. Plug him into a team with an ok offensive line (Miami, Denver) and he could tear apart defenses. He won't be the 3rd QB taken, but he might be the third best.

4) Kirk Cousins, Michigan State

There is something about Kirk Cousins that I hate. Maybe it is that he will have these games where he moves his team around like an all-pro, while have "eh" game at other times. 

5) Brandon Weeden, OK State

Weeden is too old to be drafted as the future of any team, but he does have the potential to run an offense in the league.

6) Ryan Tannehill, Texas A&M

I have no idea why anyone would take Tannehill in the first few rounds. He put up the same big numbers that Jerrod Johnson put up on the team while consistently falling short of expectations. With a ton of firepower and talent this year he underperformed worse than any other guy in college.
7) Nick Foles, Arizona

Foles is a fighter that has some good potential, but I just don't know if NFL teams will be willing to bet the bank on him.

8) Dominique Davis, ECU

Dominique Davis has already been a fun guy to watch this season, but his record breaking 26 straight completions in the game last weekend that broke Aaron Rodgers' record was epic. Davis will test out physically at the combine, and he might be the biggest developmental guy in the 2012 

9) Brock Osweiler, Arizona State

Todd McShay really likes him, but Todd McShay also really liked Jake Locker. Osweiler physically could become a stud, but he just is too raw to be a great prospect.  
10) Case Keenum, Houston

Keenum is a guy that could end up rising big time during this draft process because he has that same "winner" tag that so many others have had in the past. He won't be a day one starter in the league, but look for a team like Denver, Chicago, New York (Jets), or Buffalo to take him in rounds 3-5 as an insurance plan. 

11) Russell Wilson, Wisconsin

When it is all said and done, I wouldn't be shocked to see Russell Wilson go undrafted. NFL teams are hesitant to draft guys that aren't 100% dedicated. Wilson left his school to pursue baseball (and because of rumors that he wasn't going to start). Some teams won't like this feeling that he quit his team, and even more-so the sport itself.