**UPDATED 1/20**

 1) Matt Kalil, USC

Tyron Smith was drafted 9th overall in the 2011 draft. He played RT for the Trojans because Matt Kalil is the much better offensive tackle. If it weren't for Andrew Luck being in the draft then he may be the best prospect of the draft.

2) Riley Reiff, Iowa

There are a lot of things to love about Reiff. He does a little bit of everything, and he is able to contribute on all part of offense.

3) Jonathon Martin, Stanford

You will see it in my rankings a lot, but you will often see the teams with the best NFL caliber QB prospects also having the best offensive line and receiver prospects as well. I don't quite think Martin would be a first round pick on many other teams, but protecting Andrew Luck will help your resume out a lot.

4) Zebrie Sanders, Florida State

Sanders is a guy that might find his way into the top-20 before the draft is done. He has the potential to be a stud.

5) Nate Potter, Boise State

See Jonathon Martin

6) Mike Adams, Ohio State

Adams is a pretty good prospect that could go much earlier than some expect.

7) Brandon Washington, Miami

Washington is one of those guys that could get over-drafted by a team that thinks he has LT potential, but more than likely he will find his place at guard.

8) Bobby Massie, Ole Miss

Massie is an interesting prospect that has looked pretty good in college play. He is a bit raw, but has a ton of potential.

9) Levy Adcock, Oklahoma State

The Cowboys are starting to produce a ton of good talent, and Adcock is no exception.

10) Matt Reynolds, BYU

If my calculations are correct then Matt Reynolds has been one of the best college linemen for the last 25 years.