**UPDATED 1/27**

1) Travis Lewis, Oklahoma

Lewis is not elite in any category, but he is very good in just about all of them. Lewis has also been dominating so long in college that it is easy for analysts to nit pick and overvalue his minor flaws. But the common 4-3 OLB position has lost a lot of value, and the guys that don't make mistakes are going to succeed.

2) Zach Brown, North Carolina

Zach Brown is good, but I'm not convinced that he is as good as many say. You can learn about my distrust of the UNC prospects in the draftology section.

3) Sean Spence, Miami

Spence is a beast of a player that could really shine this season. He is a TFL machine that averages a TFL nearly 20% of the time. He would be ideal if he could gain another inch or two, but he is definitely a potential stud. 
4) Lavonte David, Nebraska

David is a fine player, but I just don't think that he is worth a top-50 pick like a lot of the other guys.