**UPDATED 1/25**

1) Peter Konz, Wisconsin

Konz really differentiated himself this year and exploded into a potential top-20 draft spot.

2) Ben Jones, Georgia

It's hard not to like what Jones has done for the Bulldogs since taking over as a freshman

3) Michael Brewster, Ohio State

Brewster had the potential to be one of the best center prospects in a long time, but really fell off this season.
4) Will Vlachos, Alabama

This is a little picky, but Vlachos is only 6'1 and 290 pounds which means he will struggle playing at the next level to play many other spots on the OL, and some teams might not even like him for their scheme. 

5) Phillip Blake, Baylor

Blake's ability to play a few different places on the line will excite some teams, and he might sneak himself into the top-50 picks with a good combine.