**UPDATED 1/27**
1) Luke Kuechly, Boston College
I absolutely love it when players become complete studs on poor teams. Kuechly was one of the few very bright spots on the Boston College team for years.
2) Vontaze Burflict, Arizona State

Burflict has been a stud for a while now, but there is no question that his mean streak is sometimes too mean. Burflict is going to have some major doubters at the next level, and refs will be more prone to flag him like they did in college if he isn't careful. Going to a team that will set his straight could turn him into an all pro.

3) Dont'a Hightower, Alabama

I really don't mean to hate on Hightower, but I just don't see his hype. He had a major injury a few years ago, he hasn't produced that much on the field statistically, and it seems like he takes some plays off or doesn't care. He did have a very good 2011 season, but I think he will be exposed in the pass game. Near elite blitzer though.
4) Audie Cole, NC State

Cole will never be known as the best player in the league, but he has the potential to be a top-10 player for a long time. He isn't elite at anything but just seems to do a little bit of everything very well.

5) Tank Carder, TCU

Carder is definitely a pretty good overall prospect that might need to add some muscle and weight depending on the team.