**UPDATED 1/26**

 1) Devon Still, Penn State

Still is a slight default here, but he also has earned the right to be taken in the top-20. He is a strong and powerful pass rusher with a disciplined tackle for stuffing the holes.

2) Michael Brockers, LSU

When it is all said and done Brockers could end up a top-5 pick. He is an electrifying player that can't get run through, but I am concerned that he is not the pass rusher that he could be. He might end up a DT in some schemes, but he is a bit more natural possibly being an end in the 3-4.

3) Jerel Worthy, Michigan State

Worthy is a guy that is hard to predict. He shows up as a top-10 talent in some games, while being a 3rd rounder in others.
4) Brandon Thompson, Clemson

Thompson isn't a guy that will dominate many games, but he is a solid tackle that could contribute in the league for a long time.
5) Fletcher Cox, Mississippi State

Cox is a guy that will get you some good production, but more importantly he will help get the best out of his other teammates.