**UPDATED 1/26**

1) Michael Brockers, LSU

Brockers has the possibility to go in the top-10 because of a solid motor and a good ability to make the right play. He isn't a pass rushing stud, but as a 3-4 end he will help the rush linebacker get to the QB.
2) Devon Still, Penn State

Still is a fierce leader that will do all that he can for his team. He does have some pass rushing potential, but his strength will make some 3-4 teams drool.

3) Kheeston Randall, Texas

Randall isn't going to be serviceable in the 4-3 because he just doesn't close in enough on the QB, but he does have good potential as a 3-4 end.

4) Jared Crick, Nebraska

I think Crick might actually end up as a much better 3-4 end. He isn't a great pass rusher unless he has a pro bowler on the other side of him, but he actually could be a great 3-4 end.