**UPDATED 1/26**

1)  Morris Claiborne, LSU

Claiborne has cemented himself as the top defensive back in the draft after a very good season. I don't think that he is worth a top-5 pick, but a team needing a corner will be happy with him. The one thing I do wonder is whether his success has been in part because of having Patrick Peterson and Tyrann Mathieu on his team his whole career.

2) Dre Kirkpatrick, Alabama

Dre Kirkpatrick is good, but I don't think he is anywhere close to a top-10 pick in value. He has amazing size, but it might actually hurt him. He plays almost like a linebacker that wants to make the hit, or support in run support which is great, but I'm not sold that he has the deep route speed to play the position. Maybe an elite safety though.

3) Stephon Gilmore, South Carolina

I like Gilmore, but he is another guy that I am not 100% sold on. He can do a little bit of everything, but he also will get burned from time to time.

4) Alfonzo Dennard, Nebraska

From what I saw, everything I heard about Prince Amukamara really should have been labeled to Dennard. Dennard can shut down and he can be a ball hawk. I'm not sold that he is going to be a great corner that can stop any receiver, but rather a guy that is a great nickel.

5) Chase Minnifield, Virginia

Minnifield could be the third Virginia corner taken in the top-40 in the last three drafts.

6) Jayron Hosley, Virginia Tech

Every year there are a few players that do nothing but tally interceptions, and Hosley is one of them.

OTHER) Janoris Jenkins, Northern Alabama      

Players that have one big drug arrest almost always fall out of the first round, but players that have two drug arrests and one other one for fighting, get kicked off a team, commit to Northern Alabama and then consider re-committing somewhere else just don't get drafted high.