Updated 4/18
  1. Gabe Carimi, Wisconsin

    Carimi doesn't get the respect that he deserves, but he is a very gifted offensive tackle that will make some team happy. Some will see him only as a RT prospect, but the same could be said about a lot of guys like Michael Oher.

  2. Tyron Smith, USC
  3. Anthony Castonzo, Boston College
  4. Derek Sherrod, Mississippi State
  5. Ben Ijalana, Villanova
  6. Nate Solder, Colorado

  7. Marcus Cannon, TCU

    I am arguably the biggest fan of Marcus Cannon in the draft community. He gets a sore nod about his speed and agility, but he is a 360-pounder that moves like a 320-pounder. He will never be a LT for most teams, but he could eventually move there over time. At worst he will be a guard, but I like his OT potential on select teams.

  8. Orlando Franklin, Miami

    Franklin is an intriguing guy that is moving up draft boards on certain teams. He is seen as a guard to some, but a tackle to others.

  9. James Carpenter, Alabama
  10. Marcus Gilbert, Florida
  11. James Brewer, Indiana
  12. Lee Ziemba, Auburn
  13. Joseph Barksdale, LSU
  14. Jah Reid, UCF
  15. Will Rackley, Lehigh
  16. David Mims, Virginia Union
  17. Derek Newton, Arkansas State
  18. Chris Hairston, Clemson
  19. Darius Morris, Temple
  20. DeMarcus Love, Arkansas
  21. Jason Pinkston, Pittsburgh
  22. Jarriel King, South Carolina
  23. Derek Hall, Stanford
  24. Willie Smith, ECU
  25. Kyle Hix, Texas