Updated 4/18
  1. Marcus Cannon, TCU

    Cannon will likely be taken as a guard in the draft, and I think he will be one of the best ones in the league if he goes to a team that appreciates his size and potential.

  2. Ben Ijalana, Villanova

    Ijalana is a mauler that can push the pile at an elite level. He might get taken for his upside to be a tackle, but at worst he will be a top notch guard.

  3. Mike Pouncey, Florida

    Pouncey is getting a little too much credit if you ask me, but when your brother is one of five rookie pro bowlers you are going to get a little hype. He will get overdrafted though because he is purely a good guard (not center) prospect. Pouncey doesn't have long enough arms to play tackle and maybe not even long enough to play guard. He didn't participate in the combine benching despite rumors that his strength isn't there, so he might not be able to play guard. He can't play center because he isn't technically sound enough to play there. What can he play?

  4. Orlando Franklin, Miami

    I don't often have sleepers at guard, but I have heard multiple people tell me that Franklin will be one of the biggest steals in the draft if he makes it to the third round.

  5. Danny Watkins, Baylor

    Watkins is great but he is 27 years old which limits him big time in my book.

  6. Rodney Hudson, Florida State

    Hudson is yet another great guard that could go in the top-50.

  7. Clint Boling, Georgia
  8. John Moffitt, Wisconsin
  9. DeMarcus Love, Arkansas
  10. Jason Pinkston, Pittsburgh
  11. Will Rackley, Lehigh
  12. Jarriel King, South Carolina
  13. James Brewer, Indiana
  14. Darius Morris, Temple
  15. Lee Ziemba, Auburn
  16. Steve Schilling, Michigan
  17. Andrew Jackson, Fresno State
  18. Carl Johnson, Florida
  19. Justin Boren, Ohio State
  20. Zach Hurd, Uconn