UPDATED 4/1/11


Here is my Big Board for the 2011 draft. I admittedly do not put the effort into the big boards that some do, because I honestly do not like doing them. Many will say that it is the only way to tell the best draft analysts because it pushes the mind the furthest to pick out which of the top-100 guys drafted are on your list. It is supposed to be your list of the best 100 players in the draft regardless of position, but if you think a kicker, long snapper, punter, etc. is the most talented kicker ever then you aren't able to actually add it to the list in a way that someone can truly understand.

I personally think that an analyst that an analyst that can predict which guys will rise or fall farther in the real draft (or even adding value to a prospect before they are a media favorite). Here are my

Top 5 that could fall


Top 5 that could rise