Updated 4/18

  1. Martez Wilson, Illinois
  2. Quan Sturdivant, UNC
  3. Greg Jones, Michigan State

    As a pure MLB I think Jones would be the 5th best prospect, but his ability to fault at OLB well helps me feel safer about drafting a guy like him.

  4. Casey Matthews, Oregon

    Matthews is an interesting prospect. He is a good athlete, has great technique, has a family bloodline like none other, but he still might have to work his way up the chain in the league.

  5. Kelvin Sheppard, LSU
  6. Colin McCarthy, Miami
  7. Alex Wujciak, Maryland

    Wujciak is a very underrated player. In my opinion he is a harder hitting version of Casey Matthews that does nothing but accumulate tackles.

  8. Nate Irving, NC State
  9. Mario Harvey, Marshall
  10. Akeem Dent, Georgia
  11. Mark Herzlich, BC
  12. Scott Lutrus, UConn
  13. Josh Bynes, Auburn
  14. Chris White, Mississippi State
  15. Mike Mohamed, Cal