Updated 4/18

  1. Von Miller, Texas A&M

    Miller will likely get taken as a 3-4 OLB, but he also doubles as a very good SAM linebacker in the draft as well.

  2. Justin Houston, Georgia

    Houston might be a DE in the 4-3, but does he have some potential to play OLB for many teams. He is a perfect fit for a team like New Orleans that could use a guy on both ends of the spectrum.

  3. Akeem Ayers, UCLA

    Ayers could play the SAM as an athlete, but I wouldn't grab him for the 4-3 at any point before he will be grabbed by a 3-4 team.

  4. Bruce Carter, UNC

    Carter looks like he could be a good NFL prospect, but a late season injury could hurt his stock a ton.

  5. Mason Foster, Washington
  6. Greg Jones, Michigan State
  7. Dontay Moch, Nevada
  8. Chris Carter, Fresno State
  9. Ross Homan, Ohio State
  10. Lawrence Wilson, UConn
  11. K.J. Wright, Mississippi State
  12. Jabara Williams, Stephen F. Austin
  13. Adrian Moten, Maryland
  14. J.T. Thomas, West Virginia
  15. Brian Rolle, Ohio State
  16. Jonas Mouton, Michigan
  17. Kenny Rowe, Oregon
  18. Craig Stephens, Auburn
  19. Doug Hogue, Syracuse
  20. Eric Gordon, Michigan State
  21. Eric McBride, Richmond
  22. Michael Morgan, USC
  23. Derek Domino, SD State