Updated 4/18
  1. Von Miller, Texas A&M

    Miller is likely a top-5 pick in this draft, and may even get overdrafted for a 4-3 defense. I personally don't think he is worth a top-5 pick (top-10 maybe), but slightly over drafting a pass rusher is sometimes the best move.

  2. Brooks Reed, Arizona

    I recently watched some additional tape on Reed and he could be a steal. He has a great motor, seems to try on every play and is a phenomenal pass rusher.

  3. Da'Quan Bowers, Clemson

    Da'Quan Bowers shouldn't be taken as a 3-4 OLB, but he has the athleticism to learn the position. He also might fall far enough because of his knee to get looked at here.

  4. Robert Quinn, UNC

    If you want a great pass rusher that doesn't have a ton of experience, especially in coverage then Quinn is your guy. The problem though is that Quinn was suspended the whole season for a number of issues, and that would hurt many other prospects. I'm a little biased because I don't see the Quinn hype, but I think it's a little unfair for others to ignore his flaws.

  5. Aldon Smith, Missouri
  6. Akeem Ayers, UCLA
  7. Ryan Kerrigan, Purdue
  8. Jabaal Sheard, Pittsburgh
  9. Dontay Moch, Nevada
  10. Sam Acho, Texas
  11. Chris Carter, Fresno State
  12. Jeremy Beal, Oklahoma
  13. Steven Friday, Virginia Tech
  14. Thomas Keiser, Stanford
  15. Greg Romeus, Pittsburgh
  16. Bruce Miller, UCF

    (there are many others, but after a certain point many of the players that play 4-3 DE or 4-3 OLB will be looked at in the draft)