1) Tampa Bay: Jameis Winston, QB, FSU

This should be no shocker. He is by far the best QB in the draft, and is arguably the 2nd quarterback prospect since Peyton Manning. He has a football knowledge that is spectacular, and he understand the game pre-snap better than a lot of pros. 

There are a couple of concerns that I have with him though. He does only have two years of college experience which will turn some teams off. I of course would love to have him not start week 1 in the NFL, but that doesn't happen if you are drafted 1st overall. The 2nd thing are his interceptions. He throws a lot of them, but a lot of them (like Andrew Luck) are ones that aren't that bad, i.e taking a shot down field. The 'bad' ones would need to be controlled.

Sure there are the off the field issues as well, but many people don't know that Jameis is actually a very smart young kid that was accepted into Stanford from high school. Crabs and B.B Guns cannot be ignored, but if you can believe that he will stay out of trouble then he is a greet prospect.

2) Tennessee: Marcus Mariota, QB, Oregon

I don't understand why most of the talking heads are mocking anyone but a QB here. Mettenberger was a 6th round rookie that is not worth passing on Mariota for. Mariota coming out of the very goofy Oregon offense might be best suited to learn an adapt while Mettenberger steps in.

There are rumors that the Titans are not looking for a 2-3 year rebuild, and that coach Whisenhunt will not be give many more bad years. This is a flawed issue anyways. A defensive player like Leonard Williams is not going to step in and dominate right away as that just isn't what you expect from a defensive lineman. Locking down a QB with a ton of potential gives the team (and the coach) a reason to develop and build. But if the Titans want to 'find a way to beat Andrew Luck on defense' then they will continue to play second (or third or forth) fiddle like the Texans have the last 10 QBless years.

What about a trade? Maybe it will happen, but I think ultimately the Titans make the pick. The Chargers very easily could get their hands on Marriota, but I think it happens after the pick is made.

3) Jacksonville: Dante Fowler, DE/LB, Florida

Sure Leonard Williams may be a 'better' prospect, but the Jags just don't need him as much as they need pass rushing talent like Fowler. Fowler's positional stock also went up recently with the issues that Shane Ray and Randy Gregory have had.

4) Oakland: Leonard Williams, DT, USC

Most have the Raiders going with a receiver here, but I think that they will go elsewhere if Williams is here. I actually like Amari Cooper better as a prospect than Williams, but Cooper is one of about 10 receivers that have a chance to crack the 1st round. Just like the QB position last year the Raiders have a chance to nail an impact defensive player and then sitting back and grabbing a 1st round quality player in the 2nd.

5) Washington: Brandon Scherff, OL, Iowa

I cannot explain the Scherff hype out there. He will likely have to convert to guard because of his size (especially arm size), but you do not take a guard this early. Some team is going to fall in love with him though early- especially in a draft with very few pluses.

6) New York Jets: Amari Cooper, WR, Alabama

Jets could go defense here, but I think they will go BPA, and I think Coop is that guy. 

7) Chicago: Vic Beasley, DE/LB, Clemson

The Bears could go a lot of places here. They might go with a guy like Kevin White here, but I think the team will go defense. Vic Beasley (or Bud Dupree) would add additional pass rushing fireworks even with the signing of Pernell McPhee, 

8) Atlanta: Bud Dupree, DE/LB, Kentucky

I think this pick comes down to either Dupree or a wildcard like Todd Gurley here. With the number of edge rushers that are worth drafting early falling out I think the Falcons might decide to take the 'last good one' here.

9)  New York Giants: Todd Gurley, RB, Georgia

Sure the Giants could go OL here, but I just don't see it from them. They are a team that likes best players available, and unfortunately it just isn't the case from this draft. Todd Gurley even with a bum knee is by far the best talent in this draft. The Giants might not get to use Gurley right away, but that paid out ok last year with ODB.

10) St. Louis: Kevin White, WR, West Virginia

I am not sold that the Rams are begging to get a receiver early 

11) Minnesota: Danny Shelton, NT, Washington

I love this dude. Strong, powerful, and a motor that keeps him in on many 3rd downs. He didn't run a good 40-time, but you don't expect that from 340 monsters. I'm more intrigued by the nine sacks that he created last year.

12 Cleveland: DeVante Parker, WR, Louisville

The Browns have to find playmakers any way that they can in this draft, and Parker is a great one.

13 New Orleans: Trae Waynes, CB, Michigan State

Waynes isn't the best prospect all around at corner, but he is a good prospect with a ton of potential. 

14 Miami: Breshad Perriman, WR, UCF

Someone is going to love Perriman, and it could be the Dolphins. Perriman is an athletic freak who has made some amazing catches. Unfortunately he has also made some headscratching drops.

15 San Francisco: Arik Armstead, DE/DT, Oregon

Statistically Armstead doesn't match his athleticism and size. But there will be a team out there that is certain that they can coach him to his potential.

16 Houston: Byron Jones, CB, UConn

Who should the Texans take here? It doesn't matter because the team is going to take the best player available. Jones is arguably that guy here.

17 San Diego: Ereck Flowers, OT, Miami

The Chargers could go receiver here (among a few others), but I think that they look to bolster their offensive line with some additional talent.

18 Kansas City: Malcom Brown, DE/DT, Texas

This is a pick made in heaven for the Chiefs. They get a big linemen which we all know makes Andy happy.

19 Cleveland (from Buff): Melvin Gordon, RB, Wisconsin

If the Browns want to make an impact in the draft on Thursday then they have to wind up with one of the two runningbacks. They do already have some guys with starting potential, but this is a division that dominates the run games.

20 Philadelphia: Randy Gregory, DE/LB, Nebraska

The Eagles could go a few different ways, but I think they pick defense here regardless. Chip Kelly is also the type to take the best guy out there regardless of off the field issues.

21 Cincinnati: Andrus Peat, OL, Stanford

This is a bit of a luxury pick, but the Bengals are a team with very few glaring needs. 

22 Pittsburgh: Kevin Johnson, CB, Wake Forest

These Steelers are really starting to look old and thin on defense. They have a ton of lethal dudes, but a guy like Johnson could add a ton of help.

23 Detroit: Eddie Goldman, DT, FSU

The Lions could go with a ton of different guys here, but the team has a chance to possibly get the best player available while filling their biggest need.

24 Arizona: La'el Collins, OT, LSU

The Cards need a rusher here and could even reach for one here if the top two are off the board. But the team could also benefit from plugging in extra linemen to help open holes.

25 Carolina: Cameron Erving, OL, FSU

The Panthers need to find bodies on their offensive line, and Erving can play 3-4 spots on the line.

26 Baltimore: Phillip Dorsett, WR, Miami

Do you know who Baltimore's starters are? Steve Smith and Marlon Brown. Talk about a team needing 2-3 starters.

27 Dallas: :Landon Collins, S, Alabama

This might be a slight luxury for the Cowboys, but this is also a steal of a pick that will help them immediately.

28 Denver: Eric Kendricks, MLB, UCLA

The Broncos need some major help at linebacker and Kendricks could fill in at a couple of spots.

29 Indianapolis: Jaelen Strong, WR, Arizona State

This is a slight luxury for the Colts, but getting as many weapons for Andrew Luck makes too much sense.

30 Green Bay: Marcus Peters, CB, Washington

Peters is a risk here as he was kicked off the team for fighting with coaches. But he is also the best corner in the draft and maybe worth the risk if he checks out.

31 New Orleans (from Sea): Shane Ray, DE/LB, Missouri

Is Ray a liability now in the league. Of course. But he is a freakish monster with huge potential here.

32 New York Giants (from NE): D.J Humphries, OT, Florida

Ok, so it isn't that likely, but I would be willing to bet that the Patriots trade out from here. The Giants don't make trades like this often, but the cost to do the trade could be simply a swap of 3rd rounders, or even the Giants giving up their 4th.

Patriots get some value while the Giants get possibly the best LT prospect in the draft.