Here is my VERY early predictions for the 2014 nfl draft. With it being 350+ days away until the next draft I highly warn you all not to buy into where teams go with it because my penciled in predictions for team placement is nowhere close correct. 

1. ***Trade*** Minnesota Vikings (from Oak): Jadeveon Clowney, DE, South Carolina

Before you get mad and close this page, please hear me out. I personally hate trades in mock drafts in general, but I am trying to prove a point about how big the Clowney pick may be. Clowney is going to potentially be as valuable of a prospect as RG3 was a few years ago, and the team picking him might be willing to rake in a fortune. With Jared Allen potentially moving on after this season, the Vikings may need to find a pass rusher soon. Even if he comes back in 2014 a pick like Clowney could be added.

For this trade I expect the teams to swap firsts, the Vikings to give their 2nd round pick, one of their two 2014 thirds, and a future first. Seems like a lot right? Well that's what Clowney could demand.
2. Jacksonville Jaguars: Teddy Bridgewater, QB, Louisville

If the Jags are picking here again then they will have to realize that Blaine Gabbert isn't the option. I love Bridgewater, but I just don't know if he will live up to the expectations that everyone has one him right now.
3. Philadelphia Eagles: 

4. Tennessee Titans: 
5. Oakland Raiders(from Minn):
6. St. Louis Rams (from WAS): 
7. New York Jets: 

8. San Diego Chargers:
9. Buffalo Bills:

10. Cleveland Browns:
11. Pittsburgh Steelers:

12.  Detroit Lions:
13. Tampa Bay Buccaneers: 
14. Kansas City Chiefs: 

15. Dallas Cowboys: 

16. Carolina Panthers: 

17. Arizona Cardinals: 
18. Indianapolis Colts:
19. New York Giants: 
20. St. Louis Rams
21. Miami Dolphins:

22. Baltimore Ravens:

23. Seattle Seahawks:
24.  New Orleans Saints:
25.  Chicago Bears:
26.  Green Bay Packers:

27. Cincinnati Bengals: 

28. Denver Broncos: 
29: Houston Texans: 

30. Atlanta Falcons: 

31. New England Patriots: 

32.  San Francisco 49ers: