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33. New England Patriots- Mikel Leshoure RB Illinois.

The Patriots nab the next best back to Ingram in the draft here. Danny Woodhead was serviceable and none of the other backs are that good. They need to be able to run the ball, especially in the playoffs, and Leshoure will give them that option.

34. Buffalo Bills- Justin Houston DE/OLB Georgia.

The Bills D is terrible and an upgrade is horribly needed. Houston is a great option here. I have him dropping to the early second round but he definitely has first round talent. Houston will be able to create some pass rush for the Bills.

35. Cincinnati Bengals- Torrey Smith WR Maryland.

The Bengals will probably lose both T.O. and Ochocinco, they will need to start to find replacements and I think they do it here. Shipley came along great last year and Smith will be a great addition.

36. Denver Broncos- Corey Liuget DT Illinois.

Here is another guy with first round talent that I think falls short of that. The Broncos took a corner in the first and now will address that terrible d-line. Liuget will be a great addition and be a force in the middle.

37. Cleveland Browns- Titus Young WR Boise State.

The Brownies need some playmakers for Colt McCoy to continue to develop and they get a burner in Young. Titus has been improving his draft stock and I think he lands here. He can stretch the field and be a great addition in Cleveland.

38. Arizona Cardinals- Benjamin Ijalana OG/T Villanova.

These guys need o-line help. They couldn’t keep Derek Anderson up long enough half the time, so he could throw the ball to the other team. Ijalana will be a great addition and I have the Cards taking Gabbert in the first, so he can breathe a little easier with this guy in front of him.

39. Tennessee Titans- Colin Kaepernick QB Nevada.

The Titans are going to be in need of a QB early in the draft and Kaepernick is their guy. He has the mobility of Vince Young without the baggage. He is raw but could develop into a very good QB. He had a good Senior Bowl week and that will move him into the early second round.

40. Dallas Cowboys- Jimmy Smith CB Colorado.

I have the Cowboys taking the shocker pick of the draft in Ingram in the first. I think in the second round they pick for need and they get that in Smith. The Dallas secondary isn’t that good and they need an upgrade. Smith is a very good corner and will be able to make an impact for the Cowboys early.

41. Washington Redskins- Leonard Hankerson WR Miami.

I think since the Redskins take Newton first, they need to get him some weapons. The Redskin WRs are ok at best and Hankerson will provide an immediate upgrade to this unit. Hankerson was another one who had a good Senior Bowl and leaps to the early second round because of it.

42. Houston Texans- Rahim Moore S UCLA.

The Texans need secondary help in the worst way and there is no better way to get it than by taking the best Safety in the draft. Moore will help the Texans attempt to stop someone, which will be a tremendous win for them. The AFC South is getting a little weaker and with this pick that could be what they need to get over the hump.

43. Minnesota Vikings- Quinton Carter S Oklahoma.

The Vikings need to get some youth and depth in the secondary. Carter is a very good Safety and will provide the Vikings D with a spark. I think with the talent that the Vikings already have, Carter will be able to learn and contribute instantly.

44. Detroit Lions- Rashad Carmichael CB Virginia Tech.

This draft is really working out for the Lions. They get a great D lineman in Quinn in the first then nab a very good corner in the second. The Secondary was terrible this year and Carmichael will probably be a starter from year one, which makes this a great pick if they can nab at least two great contributors on Defense with the first two picks.

45. San Francisco 49ers- Muhammad Wilkerson DT Temple.

I really wanted to mock a QB here but I think the D-line is a higher priority for Harbaugh. He said he was going to work with Alex Smith so I think QB is more of a late round option. Wilkerson will be a great addition to a Defense that underachieved, although the Offense didn’t really help them out.

46. Denver Broncos- Curtis Brown CB Texas.

 I know I already have them taking a corner in the first but I think they are going to revamp that secondary. With Peterson in the first and Brown in the second, Denver will be able to have a great secondary for many years.

47. St. Louis Rams- Phil Taylor DT Baylor.

The Rams are on their way up and keep improving with Taylor. The Rams D-line is ok and has some youth but they do need a DT. They get the playmaker for Bradford in the first and upgrade the Defense in the second. Like where this team is going and so should Ram fans.

48. Oakland Raiders- Kendric Burney CB North Carolina.

The Raiders need corners especially with Nnamdi’s contract being up. Burney made huge strides in his stock with the Senior Bowl week and I think that he finds himself here in Oakland.

49. Jacksonville Jaguars- Christian Ponder QB Florida State.

 Ponder was easily the best QB in the Senior Bowl game and has had a lot of talk about him since. The Jags have only a serviceable QB with Garrard and really need a good young QB to take that next step.

50. San Diego Chargers- Jerrel Jerrigan WR Troy.

The Chargers need to get a wide out early in the draft with Floyd and Jackson likely not returning. Jerrigan isn’t a big Receiver like the others, but with his speed he can really stretch the field. Rivers will love having a burner on the outside to keep those Safeties back.

51. Tampa Bay Buccaneers- Rodney Hudson G Florida State.

The Bucs have a bright young star in Josh Freeman and need to build around him. They need to keep him upright, even though it’s hard to take him down anyway, and they give him more time with Hudson. They will continue to improve that O-line and give their stud QB more time to pick apart Defenses.

52. New York Giants- Ryan Williams RB Virginia Tech.

Jacobs is on his way down and Bradshaw is a great change of pace back, but since the Giants want to run the ball they need to upgrade the RB position. Williams has fallen a little bit and that is wonderful news for the G-men with the 52nd pick.

53. Indianapolis Colts- Drake Nevis DT LSU.

The Colts improved the O-line in round 1 and go to the D-line in round 2. The Colts need to get a good DT to prevent teams from running all over them. Arian Foster lit them up from the get go and it never really got much better. If the Colts want to get back to the promise land then they better stop the ground game and they get one step closer to doing that with Nevis.

54. Philadelphia Eagles- Bruce Carter OLB North Carolina.

The Eagles have a lot of speed and depth on the Offense but not so much the case on Defense. Carter could develop into a very good OLB and be a great pass rusher which is desperately needed especially with the type of Defense the Eagles run.

55. Kansas City Chiefs- Martez Wilson ILB Illinois.

The Chiefs are another young team that is on their way up. They do need help in the linebacking core and Wilson fills that void. He is the best Inside Backer in the Draft and K.C. will love getting him here.

56. New Orleans Saints- Jordan Todman RB Connecticut.

The Saints seem to have RBs but they are always hurt. They need to bring in some fresh legs to handle the load. I really am high on Todman. He was literally all that Uconn had and they still went to a BCS Bowl game. I know he played in the Big East which is like playing DII ball but I think he will be the starter from day one for the Saints.

57. Seattle Seahawks- John Moffitt G Wisconsin.

I think this will be a reach to experts but I love this guy here. They are going to nab Locker in the first, so they might want to keep him on his feet. Moffitt is raw but talented lineman and will be a great addition to Seattle.

58. Baltimore Ravens- Sam Acho DE/OLB Texas.

The Ravens D is the most important thing in Baltimore and they are getting a little aged. They have to get another young pass rusher to keep this Defense going for another decade and they land a great one in Acho.

59. Atlanta Falcons- Kyle Rudolph TE Notre Dame.

Gonzalez is getting older and they are going to need a replacement for him. I think this is low for Rudolph but I don’t see another team taking a TE over other needs. The Falcons end up being the landing spot, which is great for him to land on such a great team.

60. New England Patriots- Danny Watkins G Baylor.

I’m almost tired of typing the Patriots picks. They do know how to work this draft thing. They need to get a replacement for Logan Mankins if they can’t resign him. Watkins will be a great fit in New England and develop into a quality starter.

61. San Diego Chargers- Allen Bailey DE Miami.

The Chargers need to add some depth to that D-line and get it in Bailey. Bailey has dropped a lot due to a horrible Senior Bowl, but his talent is too much to pass up here. He will probably need a year to get going but will be worth the wait.

62. Chicago Bears- Marcus Cannon G TCU.

Have I mentioned how bad the Bears O-line was? They really need to get a couple of additions to make that group better. They will be able to give Cutler more time so he doesn’t resort to his gunslinger ways.

63. Pittsburgh Steelers- Ras-I Dowling CB Virginia.

The Steelers need to add some depth to the secondary. Dowling could be a very good nickel corner and develop into a starter. He will help improve that Defense which showed some weaknesses when you spread them out.

64. Green Bay Packers- Daniel Thomas RB Kansas State.

 The Packers will need a running back in this year’s draft. I know Starks had a good post season but I don’t think he can be an every down back in this league. Thomas doesn’t have great speed but I think he is going to be one of the overlooked backs in this draft. Green Bay will get a steal here and be on their way to repeating.

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