Updated 2/11/11

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1. Carolina Panthers- Nick Fairley DE/DT Auburn.

Unfortunately for the Panthers, Andrew Luck went back to school. I figure with Rob Rivera coming in to be the head coach he will defiantly want to revamp that d-line, which is awful. Fairley had a great championship game and would provide an immediate upgrade for the Panther D.

2. Denver Broncos- Patrick Peterson CB LSU.

I wish I could be more original with this pick but it just makes too much sense. Champ Bailey’s future with the Broncos is questionable at best and the rest of the secondary is pretty weak. Peterson will be a true lockdown corner and Denver cannot pass him up. Plus, the excitement he brings in the return game is another little added bonus.

3. Buffalo Bills- A.J. Green WR Georgia.

I have seen a lot of mock drafts giving the Bills a QB here. I think the Bills saw enough out of Fitzpatrick to give him the starting spot for at least one more year. Green is a dynamic WR with all the talent to be a true number 1 wide out. The Bills will be more of a threat for the big play with Green split out wide and I don’t think they will pass his ability up.

4. Cincinnati Bengals- Da’Quan Bowers DE Clemson.

Bowers is a freakish athlete at the DE position. I know Palmer wants out, but when the owner says he isn’t going anywhere, I’m going with the owner’s word. Bowers would be a great upgrade for the biggest disappointment team of 2010. He spends his time in the backfield and would start from day 1 for the Bengals.

5. Arizona Cardinals- Blaine Gabbert QB Missouri.

I know Wisenhunt is on the hot seat and resting his future on a rookie QB might not seem to be the best idea, but they have nothing at this position. I don’t see Skelton being a starting QB in this league at all. Gabbert is very accurate and although has some judgment problems at times, he can make all the NFL throws.

6. Cleveland Browns- Marcel Dareus DT Alabama.

With the Browns releasing Shaun Rogers they are going to need to fill that void really early in the draft. Dareus can change game plans. He is good against the run and will be able to start from day one in Cleveland. I still think that they will try to trade down and get Julio Jones but for now they take Dareus.

7. San Francisco 49ers- Prince Amukamara CB Nebraska.

I thought that QB would be the direction that the niners would go, but it seems like some of the hype with all of them has seen to mellow out some. Prince will be a huge upgrade for the 49ers in the secondary and he could also be used at safety.

8. Tennessee Titans- Von Miller LB Texas A&M.

He is a versatile player that can play strong side backer and defensive end in a 4-3 system. This pick seems to be a little bit of a reach but this draft class is weak with 4-3 talent at linebacker. This seems to be a logical pick as long as owner Bud Adams doesn’t chime in with his opinion. (B/C the Vince Young decision worked out so well.)

9. Dallas Cowboys- Mark Ingram RB Alabama.

Jerry Jones likes the “sexy” pick and he gets that with Ingram. RB is not a need for the cowboys but Ingram is the top rated back in the draft and will be too much for Jones to pass up. They should look at secondary help, but with Jones’ past, I think he is going with the 2009 Heisman Trophy Winner.

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10. Washington Redskins- Cameron Newton QB Auburn.

McNabb is on his way out after only one year and Washington will be looking for his replacement. Shanahan likes mobile QBs and he gets his guy in Newton. Cam is a beast of a QB with his size and is extremely mobile. He will fit in to what Shanahan wants to do, but with the off the field issues surrounding him, this seems too early to take him.

11. Houston Texans- Cameron Jordan DE Cal.

The Texans seem to always be a great pick to go to the playoffs before every season starts. Then unfortunately they underachieve every year. The Texans D is bad at best; however they do have a couple of bright spots in Mario Williams and Brian Cushing (as long as he isn’t suspended). Cameron Jordan really helped his draft stock at the senior bowl and I think the Texans fall in love with him here.

12. Minnesota Vikings- Ryan Mallet QB Arkansas.

I had Locker here before the Senior Bowl, but with him not proving himself at all and leaving the same doubts on the table, Mallet takes this spot. Favre is done and Jackson not likely the long term answer, the Vikings need to find that franchise QB. Mallet has a big arm and can make all the throws, however his decision making is shaky at times. I think he is the most NFL ready of all the QBs in the draft and could be the starter from day one based on a decent preseason.

13. Detroit Lions- Robert Quinn DE North Carolina.

I had Dareus here but now I think he goes to the Browns with the release of Shaun Rogers. Quinn will be a great pass rusher for Detroit. He also provides depth on the D-line. With Suh in the middle and Quinn on the outside, this Defense gets very scary. I love where this team is going and I can’t wait to see the results this season.

14. St. Louis Rams- Julio Jones WR Alabama.

The Rams need desperately to get Sam Bradford a playmaker. Jones has great talent and could provide a reliable target for Bradford. He can be a great option across the middle and provide some deep threat. He can make the remarkable catch which a young quarterback will love.

15. Miami Dolphins- Anthony Castonzo OT Boston College.

The line for the Dolphins was as bad as the coaching fiasco this offseason. They could not keep Henne upright and Ronnie Brown and Ricky Williams really had nowhere to go. I know Brown and Williams are free agents but RBs can be found later in the draft. I have seen Pouncey mocked here but I think it is too high for him. Castonzo could end up being an elite tackle opposite Jake Long, and with Vernon Carey having some injury issues, the Dolphins need to address that side immediately.

16. Jacksonville Jaguars- Ryan Kerrigan DE Purdue.

The Jags had a shot at the playoffs then kind of fell off at the end. The offense isn’t terrible but they will be shopping for a QB soon. Garrard is serviceable but won’t be a great QB in this league. The D needs a lift and Kerrigan will provide that. This guy has a nonstop motor and Del Rio will love it. His stock is on the rise and could go higher, but I think he lands here. He will provide a good pass rush which will make the Jags a little more dangerous and possibly get them past the Colts.

17. New England Patriots- Adrian Clayborn DE/DT Iowa.

The Pats are a constant Super Bowl Favorite every year and are always big players in the draft. They get this pick from Oakland and go with Clayborn here. The Pats have been terrible in the post season the past couple years and need to find a solution. They address that issue with taking a very good pass rushing D lineman. Clayborn has amazing potential and could be great. His stats were down but does have the ability to make a difference in any ball game.

18. San Diego Chargers- Akeem Ayers OLB UCLA.

 The Chargers will need a receiver early in this draft with Floyd being a free agent and I doubt Vincent Jackson returns. With no WR here worth taking here, they decide to take an excellent edge rusher in Ayers. Ayers is a little bit raw but could develop to be an effective rusher. Larry English seems to be a bust so the Chargers will try again. I do see the Chargers trying to trade up to nab Julio Jones if he falls a bit. If Julio doesn’t fall then they will stay at 18 and go with Ayers.

19. New York Giants- Tyron Smith OT USC .

Is there a more inconsistent team than the Giants. They look like they could win it all one week then look like the laughing stock of the league the next. They are starting to get a little old on the O-line. They need to get some young talent, especially at tackle. Smith might have the most upside of all the tackles in the draft and might be able to start from day one. Smith is very athletic but will need to hit the weight room to pack on some pounds. He is a little light but is definitely worth taking here.

20. Tampa Bay Buccaneers- J.J. Watt DE Wisconsin.

I really like the direction the Bucs are going. Good young QB and young talent at RB and WR. They need to work on the D mainly in this year’s draft. Gerald McCoy started coming on and will be an impact player this year. The Bucs do need a pass rusher in the worst way. Watt is a great prospect probably would go higher if he could play in the five technique at DE. He has a great motor and never gives up on a play. He is a smash mouth player and Coach Rahim Morris will love this guy.

21. Kansas City Chiefs- Mike Pouncey C/G Florida.

The Chiefs have a lot of options here. They could beef up the d-line, go with a tackle, or center, and they need another WR opposite of Bowe. There isn’t any good receiver here worth taking so I think they go with the next need, a Center. They don’t have any youth there and need to upgrade the offensive line. Pouncey struggled at the beginning of the year then finished strong. He isn’t as quite as refined as his twin brother Maurkice, but will be a started on this line for a long time.

22. Indianapolis Colts- Gabe Carimi OT Wisconsin.

I love all of these lineman from Wisconsin. They are tough and mean. The Colts are only as good as Manning is. They have to keep him upright and have got to start being able to run the ball. Watching the Colts attempting to run the ball is humorous. They are that bad at it. Carimi is an excellent run blocker and can play tackle or guard. With his talent maybe the Colts can at least attempt to be decent at running the ball and helping Manning out.

23. Philadelphia Eagles- Derek Sherrod OT Mississippi St.

The Eagles need help on the O-line bad. Good thing Vick is a freak of nature athlete because he needs to be with these guys in front of him. Philly also needs help at LB but they have got to make O-line the top priority here. Sherrod is a good pass blocker and will be a huge improvement for this line. The team is extremely fast on the offensive side of the ball so the good thing is Sherrod shouldn’t have to hold off Justin Tuck or Demarcus Ware that long.

24. New Orleans Saints- Stephen Paea DT Oregon St.

The Saints defense isn’t that good and they really need an upgrade on the interior D-line. Paea could have been a top 15 pick if not for a knee injury and has the talent to prove it. The Saints can definitely use a guy with great upside, outstanding character, and a never ending motor. He will be a great addition to a shaky defense.

25. Seattle Seahawks- Jake Locker QB Washington.

One of these QBs has got to drop and I think Locker is that lucky winner. He didn’t silence any of his critics at the Senior Bowl and will fall because of that. I do think this works out better for him. Yeah he loses money but with Hasselbeck becoming a free agent and aging and with Charlie Whitehurst being unproven at best, Locker might be able to make some strides at a starting job sooner rather than later. A bonus for Locker is he won’t have to travel to far either.

26. Baltimore Ravens- Brandon Harris CB Miami.

I wish that I wouldn’t have to join the majority with this one but I have to. The secondary cost them a trip to the AFC championship game giving up a third and forever play to the Steelers late in the fourth. Harris would be a huge upgrade here and he also provides great value as well. A great athlete and could be thrown in as a nickel corner right away till he develops more.

27. Atlanta Falcons- Aaron Williams CB Texas.

The Falcons was my pick to represent the NFC in the Super Bowl and I was starting to look real smart till Aaron Rodgers showed up and beat them liked they owed him money. That should be the number one reason they should continue to improve the secondary. I know they need a receiver to compliment Roddy White, but there is value in the later rounds for receivers. Williams is a playmaker and will be able to create some turnovers for Atlanta.
28. New England Patriots- Aldon Smith OLB Missouri.

More is better and the Pats get another excellent pass rusher in the first round. I have seen a lot of mocks put a RB here but I just don’t see them taking one in the first round. They go defense with both picks so they can pile up the sacks with Clayborn and Smith. The Pats are arguably the best at the draft and they show us why in the first round with two great additions.

29. Chicago Bears- Nate Solder OT Colorado.

The Bears line was horrible in the beginning of the year then came along when Martz changed up his play calling. This unit is still in desperate need of an upgrade. Solder may not fall this far and some think he is the best tackle in the draft, but if he does then Chicago fans can be excited about this guy. Solder is extremely talented and will start from day one.

30. New York Jets- Jonathan Baldwin WR Pittsburgh.

The Jets are going to be hard pressed to keep both Braylon Edwards and Santonio Holmes this offseason. Baldwin is a rare talent, a big target who can stretch the field. I think he is a perfect fit for the Jets here. I know Defense rules on this team but they have to have playmakers for Sanchez to continue his development.

31. Pittsburgh Steelers- Stefen Wisniewski C/G Penn St.

 I think the Steelers need to continue to improve the O-line. They got a homerun in Pouncey this past draft and now take Wisniewski to play guard. The Steelers are a very hard pick here because they don’t have any glaring needs, so might as well get someone in there so Big Ben can run around in the pocket longer and play his backyard style that seems to be working.

32. Green Bay Packers- Cameron Heyward DE Ohio State.

Heyward was up and down this year which hurt him; however he did play well in the Sugar Bowl to put him back in the first round. Heyward would be a great 3-4 DE in Capers system. He is a freak of an athlete and can dominate games at times. The only thing that hurts him is his consistency. The Packers need something on the other side of Clay Mathews and Heyward could be that guy.


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