*************2016 NFL DRAFT GRADES************ 

1.11 Vernon Hargreaves, CB, Florida

First off, I love that the Bucs got a little value to fall back. Hargreaves isn't a perfect prospect, but he is a fair prospect that was taken at good value. 


2.39 Noah Spence, DE, Eastern Kentucky

Talentwise Spence is off the charts. He has some question marks, but in the 2nd round he was arguably the best player on the boards at the Buc's top need position.


2.59 Robert Aguayo, K, FSU

I Like kickers probably more than most, but not more than the Bucs apparently. Aguayo is arguably the best kicker prospect in 10 years- maybe longer- so I get the desire to get him, but the Bucs did not have to trade up for him to get him.



I won't hate the kicker pick too much, because he is actually a great talent. The Bucs arguably got the best pure pass rusher in the draft, the best Kicker to come out in MANY years, and a very good corner. 

*************2015 NFL DRAFT GRADES************

1.1 Jameis Winston, QB, FSU

Ultimately this had to be the pick. Winston has a million concerns off the field that make you wonder if he will ever mature. But his on the field talent is great.


2.34 Donovan Smith, OT, Penn State

This is a little early for Smith, but you can't knock a team getting protection for their new QB. It also fills a great need.


2.61 Ali Marpet, OG, Hobart

This is a tiny early for him and they traded up to get him, but I like the pick. The team gets another protector for their 1st overall pick and he will be able to plug in right away and contribute.


4.124 Kwon Alexander, LB, LSU

5.162 Kenny Bell, WR, Nebraska

6.184 Kaelin Clay, WR, Utah

7.231 Joey Losefa, FB, Hawaii


Hard to dislike this draft. The team gets the best QB prospect and two guys to protect him. Pepper in late round receiving depth and this team has a chance. 

*************2014 NFL DRAFT GRADES************

1.7 Mike Evans, WR, TAMU

Phenomenal pick. I don't think the Bucs will compete next year (think 8-8), but this is the perfect pick to plug in and prepare for the team to get a real QB in the future.


2.38 Austin Sefarian-Jenkins, TE, Washington

Vincent Jackson, Mike Evans and Austin Sefarian-Jenkins. Again, if the Bucs can find a real quarterback they could be a competitor very soon.


3.69 Charles Sims, RB, West Virginia

Barf. First of all the Bucs have two or three guys that can run the rock very well. Second of all Sims was maybe the 3rd best runner left on the board. I love improving the offense, but why not help an offensive line that has some holes.


5.143 Kadeem Edwards, G, Tenn State

5.149 Kevin Pamphile, OT, Purdue

6.185 Robert Herron, WR, Wyoming

I have no idea why he was still here for the taking.


This is a tough one to grade. The team nailed down two awesome first picks, but fell off the rest of the way. Regardless the team got two new starters on offense, and added two new dimensions to build around.

*************2013 NFL DRAFT GRADES************

2.43 Johnthan Banks, CB, Mississippi State

I don't understand why Banks went after Darius Slay. It was the classic case of a good 2nd corner (slay) looking good while the other corner got ignored (Banks). I know that this isn't quite the right case, but it isn't too far off. Either way the Bucs get a great player that solidifies their passing defense. 


3.73 Mike Glennon, QB, NC State

Apparently the Bucs think that they are Super Bowl ready, because they have started to take luxury picks. Ignoring the fact that Bucs missed out on addressing much bigger needs, I hate this pick. Glennon is way too raw of a player to be taking when the team might need a guy to step in soon for Josh Freeman.


4.100 Akeem Spence, DT, Illinois

4.126 William Gholston, DE, MSU

5.147 Steven Means, OLB, Buffalo

6.189 Mike James, RB, Miami


I'm leaning on this being a bad draft. You have to factor in the fact that they got potentially the best corner in the draft from it which makes it a potential B. The first pick of Johnthan Banks was a great value, but the team followed that up by creating a potential QB controversy, and a bunch of other guys that likely won't make a splash. 


 *************2012 NFL DRAFT GRADES************ 

1:7 Mark Barron, S, Alabama 

I don't mind the Bucs trading back a few picks to get a 4th rounder, but when you pass on the best corner of the draft (maybe your biggest need) to do so then you won't make me happy. The team still needs two solid/young corners.


1:31 Doug Martin, RB, Boise State

When the smoke cleared the Bucs moved back in the first two picks for a very late 4th rounder and the ability to move up to get Martin. I wasn't in love with the pick, and would have given it a B if the Giants didn't counter by reaching for a rusher. The Bucs had to trade up for Martin, and it ends up a great move.


2:52 Lavonte David, OLB, Nebraska

It's sort of strange, but Lavonte David seems like a Buccaneers pick. The team had to swap a 4th rounder with a 7th to get him, but he was one of the best left on the board.


5. Najee Goode, LB, West Virginia

Goode is a little early here, but he should be a solid special teams guy right away.


6.174 Keith Tandy, CB, West Virginia

Again it's a little bit early for a guy like Tandy, but he should be able to actually get a little playing time in that terrible backfield. 


7.212 Michael Smith, RB, Utah State

7.233 Drake Dunsmore, TE/FB, Northwestern

Overall Grade: C+

Overall the team got three starters which is great, but they lost out on their biggest need by trading down out of the potential Morris Claiborne pick. The team got Mark Barron who is great, and moving down helped them end up with Doug Martin, but I'm not sold. They would have been better with Claiborne and David Wilson in the 2nd than with Barron and Martin in my opinion. Had they gotten a corner on day two then it may have changed it a lot.

*************2011 NFL DRAFT GRADES************ 


1.20 Adrian Clayborn, DE, Iowa

The team reportedly has loved Clayborn for months, but I don't quite think they watched the draft to see if he was really he best pick available. Turning your card in at the start of the draft can kill a team, and while I think Clayborn was a fine pick this time, it could have been interesting to see what happened if Robert Quinn or Ryan Kerrigan had fallen to them.


2.51 DaQuan Bowers, DE, Clemson

I think Bowers was bound to fall even before the knee injury because he just had too many questions on the field. With that said, getting him in the 2nd was a steal for the team, and the team needed two ends anyways.


3.84 Mason Foster, OLB, Washington

Foster here was another steal, and he becomes the third possible starter for day one.


4.104 Luke Stocker, TE, Tennessee

This is one of those picks that you like the more you think about it. Stocker at worst becomes a top notch backup for Kellen Winslow Jr, and his value in the 4th is outstanding. But this move allows the team to possibly try to restructure (or cut loose) Winslow if they want to. Winslow is owed 8.3 million in 2011, and an average of 5.5 million for the next four seasons. He might be willing to restructure for a little less to stay on the blooming Bucs.


5.151 Ahmad Black, S, Florida

Black should not have lasted this long, and he does help a general need,


6.187 Allen Bradford, RB, USC

I'm ok with this move as long as it doesn't distract LaGarrette Blount from showing up this year. Definitely a good value though.


7.222 Anthony Gaitor, CB, FIU

The team needed a young corner to plug in, but from most accounts the CB is the biggest need on the team.


7.238 Daniel Hardy, TE, Idaho

I try not to hate 7th round picks, but Hardy doesn't fill a need much.


Draft Grade:B+

I really do like this Bucs draft. They found three starters on defense, three or four guys that will see playing time. I don't know if this is "the draft" that will put the team over the top, but it is hard to complain about their draft strategy too much. I do really wish the team would have found some CB support because it seems that it will be an upcoming problem.


I can see why a lot of people loved the Bucs draft, and I have to admit that I was one of them until I went back. I loved just about every pick the team made, and just about every pick was a great value. My problem however is that Matt Ryan, Drew Brees, and Cam Newton will have a field day throwing at the receiver that isn't being guarded by Ronde Barber. If the team can stay on track on offense, and if they can find a good back seven then they could be legit contenders.