*************2016 NFL DRAFT GRADES************

1.2 Carson Wentz, QB, ND State

I can't hate a team for going after a QB, but this is very close. The team now has approximately 30-million in contracts to three different quarterbacks- one of which never should have been given a huge 2-year deal-

The Eagles are also a team that has very little talent around, they traded three starters away, and could be in line to be the worst team in football this year.

3.79 Issac Seumalo, C/G, Oregon State

This is a touch early for Seumalo, but he fills a huge need and is versatile.



I have really hated this offseason for the Eagles. They fired their coach too early. Chip Kelly made some strange moves, but he won 4 or 5 more games than they should have because of him. The Eagles fired Chip, traded away huge amounts of guaranteed money (that they will have to pay), and overall might have the 2nd worst roster in football. They then overspent on two QB's before trading away precious picks for another QB.

*************2015 NFL DRAFT GRADES************

1.20 Nelson Agholor, WR, USC

Agholor is a fine player, but I absolutely hate this pick. He isn't the 4th best receiver in this draft, and he isn't worth the 20th pick. He will do fine in Chip Kelly's offense, but Chip Kelly's advantage is taking scraps and turning it into gold. He should have focused on getting help on defense with one of about 10 guys here, and grabbing offensive projects later. 

2.47 Eric Rowe, CB/S, Utah

The Eagles desperately needed to get some impact starters on defense in this draft and Rowe could be one. The Eagles pissed away two 5th rounders (did get a 6th back) to do so, but that isn't necessarily an issue.


3.84 Jordan Hicks, LB, Texas

This is a little early for Hicks, but when healthy he is a fun guy to watch. 


6.191 JaCorey Shepherd, CB, Kansas

6.196 Randall Evans, CB, K-State

7.237 Brian Mihalik, DE, BC


On one side of it the team got 2-3 starters which is a definite plus. But the team made 300 moves this offseason and didn't really come away much different. It bothers me that Chip would take a receiver so early when he is such a good offensive coach.

*************2014 NFL DRAFT GRADES************

1.26 Marcus Smith, DE/LB, Louisville

Casual fans didn't see this coming, but Smith's ability to rush the passer had him as a top-40 prospect. He is raw, but he is the kind of guy that could develop into a monster. He was definitely early given the number of other edge rushers left, but it wasn't bad.


2.42 Jordan Matthews, WR, Vanderbilt

I have a little bias on this pick because I think Matthews was one of the five best receivers in the draft, but I like the pick. He fills a need, he is a scary target for Chip Kelly to develop (huge body, good speed, and experience). 


3.86 Josh Huff, WR, Oregon

Nope. Huff should compete on the team, but he wasn't a 3rd round pick, he wasn't even the 5th best receiver left on the boards, and the team had other needs.


4.101 Jaylen Watkins, CB, Florida

5.141 Taylor Hart, DE, Oregon

5.162 Ed Reynolds, S Stanford

7.224 Beau Allen, DT, Wisconsin


The team added some great depth and found a ton of guys that will get some playing time, but they made a lot of reaches. The best pick was Jordan Matthews who could be in the best receiver spot from the draft.

*************2013 NFL DRAFT GRADES************

1.4 Lane Johnson, OT, Oklahoma

I know Eagle fans will disagree, but I hate this pick. Chip Kelly's offenses always relied more on blocking support of the interior and the skills players rather than having to need an elite left tackle. This pick will definitely help the team, but I just think that they would be better off with getting players with more impact. With that said, many scouts like Johnson enough to warrant the value of the pick.


2.35 Zach Ertz, TE, Stanford

This is a pick I like. Chip Kelly dealt with Ertz in college, and he knows that he is a great receiver with good blocking potential.


3.67 Bennie Logan, DT/NT, LSU

This pick doesn't make much sense. It isn't a great value, and he doesn't have a great fit. The best explanation is that he is a developmental nose tackle.


4.98 Matt Barkley, QB, USC

Someone had to draft him. Sure he isn't a huge athlete, but he is worth a 4th round pick to any team out there.
5.136 Eric Wolff, S, NC State

7.212 Joe Kruger, DE, Utah

7.218 Jordan Poyer, CB, Oregon State

Poyer at worst should have been a 4th round pick. Huge steal.

7.239 David King, DE, Oklahoma


If this was the draft that the Eagles thought would push them back into the playoffs then it was a failure. But if it was the first steps into building an offense to create fear in the league, then I'm ok with it. The team got a lot better in the blocking game, but there are definitely some major steps to build.

 *************2012 NFL DRAFT GRADES************ 

1.12 Fletcher Cox, DT, Mississippi State

The Eagles had to trade up a little bit to get Cox, but he was the guy that they wanted the most in the draft. I can't say I love it to death, but I can't say I hate it much either.


2.46 Mychal Kendricks, MLB, Cal

Kendricks is a guy with a ton of athletic potential, and he adds a certain dimension to both sides of the defense. His value isn't too awfully bad either.


2.59 Vinny Curry, DE, Marshall

The Eagles got a violent pass rusher with a ton of experience about 15 picks later than he should have gone. Oh, and they picked up a 4th by trading back too. Awesome pick.


3.88 Nick Foles, QB, Arizona

The team reportedly wanted a backup QB, and the value is fair enough here for Foles.


4.123 Brandon Boykin, CB, Georgia

Boykin could have gone in the late second, so getting him in the late 4th is a steal. He also fills a need.


5.153 Dennis Kelly, OT, Purdue

Kelly is a name most haven't heard much of, but he's a solid late round pick coming from a coach (Danny Hope) that could be the next Kirk Ferentz in terms of OL development.

6.194 Marvin McNutt, WR, Iowa

Wow. McNutt is essentially the most accomplished receiver to come from Iowa, and he fell in the draft for no major reason. After looking at the Eagles roster, I'm not sold that he isn't one of the top-4 receivers going into camp.


6.200 Brandon Washington, OG, Miami

I wasn't the biggest fan of Washington, but no way should he have been the 200th pick. Another steal.


7.229 Bryce Brown, RB, Kansas State


The Eagles played around a bit in the draft, but they ended up with at least two starters and 3-4 other guys that I think will get solid playing time. Not too bad for a very good team.

*************2011 NFL DRAFT GRADES************ 

1.23 Danny Watkins, OG, Baylor

Watkins was supposed to go in about this area, and he fills a need. More on this pick though on the final grade.


2.54 Jaiquawn Jarrett, S, Temple

I was going to talk about how this was early for Jarrett, but ESPN actually had him moved up to the 2nd best safety. I personally didn't like him until day three, but no points off for that. 


3.90 Curtis Marsh, CB, Utah State

The team really needed a corner and perhaps should have gotten one sooner, but an ok pick. There were other guys worth taking over him, but again fills a need.


4.116 Casey Matthews, LB, Oregon

If the team took Matthews for the middle it would have been a reach here, but getting a high character, high impact guy that could possibly play SLB is a fine value here.


4.120 Alex Henery, K/P, Nebraska

I don't get why so many people have so much hate for this pick. Kickers get a bad rep when they get drafted this early, but when it is all said and done they are maybe the 4th or 5th most valuable assets on a team. Defense wins championships, but kickers often decide playoff games, and Henery is the most accurate kicker in college history. Henery is accurate, has distance, and actually might be the best punter in the draft too.

More on Henery

More on Kickers, etc. 

Was it a little early? Maybe, but if the Vikings can overdraft a quarterback like Christian Ponder, then a team reaching on a franchise kicker in the late 4th round shouldn't get much hate.


5.149 Dion Lewis, RB, Pittsburgh

I understand the team getting a talented guy with a lot of potential, but I don't quite know how much Lewis adds to the mix. I personally would have rather seen the team take a change of pace type of guy for LeSean McCoy, but the value and need was touched on.


5.161 Julian Vandervelde, OG, Iowa

I am fine with the team taking a safe pick at guard for a good OL program, but maybe an OT?


6.191 Jason Kelce, C, Cincinnati

Another pick that I don't quite get because OT was a bigger need, but OC was a need and more protection is great.


6.193 Brian Rolle, OLB, Ohio State

Good value, good need. Good pick


7.237 Greg Lloyd Jr, OLB, UConn

Another decent pick. Project for a need and a late 7th.


7.240 Stanley Havili, FB, USC

I've heard from some that Havili was the best FB in the class, so no complaints in the late 7th.


Draft Grade C+

I just don't love this draft. The team walked in needing an OT, 2 CB's, S, a DT, interior linemen, and LB support. They walked away with good interior support, a 4th round caliber CB, LB support and a a safety.

First with the Watkins pick. It fills a need, which is good. But if you read my analysis on the Dolphins you will see that I don't believe you should take a guard in the top-25, because it is too much of a luxury. Well Watkins was the second guard taken, he is 26 1/2 years old, and there were other guys that fill needs. Also, the OG depth in this draft was insane (maybe deepest overall spot), so the abundant need to take a guard here wasn't needed. During the draft I also saw numerous analysts from the Philly area mention that the Eagles rarely re-sign guys in their 30's so the team essentially is guaranteeing that Watkins is a one and done rookie. There is no reason why the team skipped Gabe Carimi, Jimmy Smith, or a number of other guys that fill a bigger need. The second pick was a slight reach, and should have been a corner (or maybe OT).

Again, I can't hate this draft too much because the team found a number of guys that can protect Mike Vick, but the team had better trade Kolb ASAP because a number of teams want him badly.


After looking back at the picks I really cannot love this draft for the long term. The team found a ton of guys that could get some playing time now, and the team should be fine on the interior now. But the team completely ignored the fact that they needed two offensive tackles, and two quality corners from the draft. They didn't address a lot of their major needs, but they did get some weapons going forward. I do still hate the first three picks though. Danny Watkins was projected in that range, but in such a deep draft class the team needed to go OT or CB when quality guys were there. The Jaiquawn Jarrett pick was a reach and it should have been a guy like Marcus Gilbert or Brandon Harris.