*************2016 NFL DRAFT GRADES************

1.10 Eli Apple, CB, Ohio State

So I will be the first to say the the Giants didn't HAVE to take Hargreaves if they didn't like him, but they also didn't have to take the 4th best corner in the draft 10-15 picks too early. Eli Apple is a young freaky athlete- but that is about where it ends. I thought that there would be a better chance for Apple to go in at pick 40 than at pick 10.


2.40 Sterling Sheppard, WR, Oklahoma

This is a bit of a luxury pick, but I like it. If the Giants can get all of their receivers rolling then they will have three very good, quick, and smart playmakers. 


3.71 Darian Thompson, S, Boise State

Good pick here. Thompson could have snuck in a smidge sooner, but he went about where he should have gone. he has good potential and does add a good amount of depth for the team.



This felt very much like a recent Giants draft. They got some good playmakers with good potential, but they won two Superbowls recently with a blueprint based on a pass rush and a run game, and they refuse to draft there. They did try to buy some guys in free agency though.

*************2015 NFL DRAFT GRADES************

1.9 Ereck Flowers, OL, Miami

Barf. I get filling a need, but this is ridiculous. Flowers is the linemen with potential in the draft, but the Giants don't need a developmental guy. If Tom Coughlin wanted to run the ball better then he should have taken the ODB of this draft Todd Gurley.


2.33 Landon Collins, S, Alabama

The team traded their 4th rounder and 7th rounder to move up. The Giants are operating like they are playoff team and not the 9th worst team last year. With that said they got the cleanest safety in the draft and they do find a guy that could be a very good safety (or LB) for the team.


3.74 Owamagbe Odighizuwa, DE, UCLA

This guy could be a real steal. He has a ton of potential and could have gone to them in the 2nd without question.


5.144 Mykkele Thompson, S, Texas

6.186 Geremy Davis, WR, UConn

7.226 Bobby Hart, OG, FSU


You have to give them credit for finding 2-3 starters in this draft, but I just am not sold on this draft. They reached on need with the Flowers pick which disappoints some.

*************2014 NFL DRAFT GRADES************

1.12 Odell Beckham, WR, LSU

I like that the Giants got a guy to spit in with Victor Cruz. I don't quite love the Beckham hype, and I think he went a little too early, but you can't hate the pick too much.


2.43 Weston Richburg, OC, Colorado State

I like this pick. It isn't a sexy one, but the Giants get a potential 10-year starter that should help Eli out with some issues.


3.74 Jay Bromley, DT, Syracuse

Nope. Bromley was not worth an early 3rd round pick, and this was the perfect spot for the Giants to get someone that fell like Nix.


4.113 Andre Williams, RB, BC

Awesome pick. The dude can't catch the ball, but he is a reliable hammer that could be a great power back (think Shonn Greene or Bernard Pierce).

5.152 Nat Berle, S, SD State

5.174 Devon Kennard, LB, USC

6.187 Bennett Jackson, CB, Notre Dame


Overall I like the first four enough because it hit on needs, and they found guys that will play sooner than later. But I really wish that the Giants would have made some moves and walked away with great value like they often do. At the end of the day though, I don't know if they walked away better. They got some guys, but this wasn't the draft they needed to get back into the discussion.

*************2013 NFL DRAFT GRADES************

1.19 Justin Pugh, OG/T, Syracuse

Ick. The team needed some help on their offensive line, but this came off as more of a luxury pick for a team that could have upgraded a few other spots. This was the perfect scenario for them to steal Sharrif Floyd.


2.49 Johnathan Hankins, DT/NT, Ohio State

The Giants needed an extra defensive tackle, but I don't know that Hankins had to be the guy here. The pick was good and the value was there, but this just doesn't feel like a Giants draft yet.
3.81 Damontre Moore, DE, TAMU

There it is. If Moore had gone to them in the first round then I would have been ok enough with it. But only the Giants pull picks like this.


4.110 Ryan Nassib, QB, Syracuse

Some people believed that he was the 8th pick to Buffalo. So it's hard to hate him learning behind Eli 102 picks later.


5.152 Cooper Taylor, S, Richmond

7.225 Eric Hermon, G, Ohio

7.253 Michael Cox, RB, UMass


The team landed amazing value on most of their picks, and they touched on some of their needs, but I just don't know if they got that much better from the draft. They found a guy that will compete next year for the RT spot, and a couple of defensive players that fill in the cracks on the DL. But it doesn't change the fact that the team has too many holes in their defensive back seven is still not very good. I just don't like it when a team that missed the playoffs ends up with at best one starter next year from the draft, with potentially three (four if Nassib ever plays) down the road.
 *************2012 NFL DRAFT GRADES************ 

1.32 David Wilson, RB, Virginia Tech

Wow. The Giants freaked out about the David Wilson pick and severely reached on David Wilson. They usually take the best guy on their board, but they really messed up on this one.


2.63 Rueben Randle, WR, LSU

Some had Randle as a top-25 pick. Well for the Giants to sit back and let him fall to them at the bottom of the 2nd round is theft.


3.94 Jayron Hosley, CB, Virginia Tech

Hosley is a ballhawking corner that I think might end up an elite safety if he can't get a starting corner gig. Great value pick here that fills a fair need.

4.127 Adrien Robinson, TE, Cincinnati

Robinson does have some potential, but for a team that goes for value I don't quite get it.


4.131 Brandon Mosley, OT, Auburn

This is more like it. The team needed some extra depth on the line and they got one of the best left.


6.201 Matt McCants, OT, UAB

I actually like McCants a little bit better than Mosley, so to get him 70 picks late is insane.


7.239 Markus Kuhn, DT, NC State


If I had to do a grade after the first round then the Giants wouldn't have liked me. They severely reached on David Wilson because Doug Martin went 31st. That was of course until they got Rueben Randle who was often mocked there in the first at the end of the 2nd round. It's hard to explain, but getting Randle in the first and Wilson in the 2nd would be a perfect draft, but the other way around feels weird.

Overall the team got possibly three starters (not bad for a Super Bowl team), maybe four if Robinson can with the TE job. They also ended up with two solid linemen that will get some playing time.

*************2011 NFL DRAFT GRADES************ 

1.19 Prince Amukamara, CB, Nebraska

While I don't think Amukamara was worth a 1st round pick, everyone else did and he was a great value at 19th. Doesn't hit a big need though.


2.52 Phil Taylor, DT, UNC

Taylor is a 1st rounder on the field and a 2 year old off the field. Fills a need and good value.


3.83 Jerrel Jernigan, WR, Troy

 Jernigan is a great value here, but he is not a deep threat. He is a glorified slot receiver that is scariest in open space.


4.117 James Brewer, OT, Indiana

If they had taken Brewer in the third it would have been a B+ grade on value and need. But in the 4th...


6.185 Greg Jones, LB, Michigan State

I'm not sold on Jones inside or outside, but there is no reason that he fell to the 6th round.


6.198 Tyler Sash, S, Iowa

Sash is definitely the over achiever from the Iowa defense, but there is something to say about his production. I still don't know why he came out early though.


6.202 Jacquian Williams, LB, USF

I don't love the pick and would have much rather seen the team go after more OL depth, but a late 6th is a late 6th.

7.221 Da'Rel Scott, RB, Maryland

The team probably should have addressed the position sooner, but this pick is great.


Draft Grade: B-

A lot of people really loved this draft, but a lot of people really loved the team's draft last year. And how many of those 'steals' last year are starters? I believe one... The punter. The team needed a LT, a LG and a center. They also needed a stable runner, an OLB, a DT and maybe some WR depth. The team definitely stole Prince Amukamara, but how much does he play on the team? Phil Taylor is a great pick, but will he start right away? Jerrel Jernigan is a great receiver, but is he going to beat any of the big guys out?

The team addressed few needs early, and I don't know that they added tools that would help them win more games soon. I loved the day 3 picks, but the OL is still awful, there are still questions at RB, and the team still doesn't have a healthy crop of deep threats. The offense went from an A to an A+ but the defense went from a B- to a slightly better B- and I am not sold that taking the BPA with every pick was the right move for a team that actually has some major needs.


I down graded the Giants draft slightly because I personally had Prince Amukamara as a 2nd rounder at best, but the fact that many had him as a top-10 pick should be considered a bit more. But when the dust clears, I still don't know that the team found a starter (day one or down the road) outside of James Brewer who may surprise.