*************2016 NFL DRAFT GRADES************

1.26 Kenny Clark, DE/DT, UCLA

I like Kenny Clark... 15 picks from here. He was taken way too early, It does fill a need, but they ignored the players that were available.


2.48 Jason Spriggs, OT, Indiana

I'm ok with this pick. Good value, fills a great need.


3.88 Kyler Fackrell, LB, Utah State

Another solid pick. Fackrell is smart enough to possibly even play some inside, but will add good depth in a few places


Overall an ok draft, but I wish the Packers had gotten a few more impact players. More importantly I would have LOVED for them to find an inside backer that would allow for Clay Mathews to fall back to the outside.

*************2015 NFL DRAFT GRADES************

1.30 Damarious Randall, S, Arizona State

Randall was a fast mover in the draft, and the range fits fine here, but there were better guys on the board.


2.62 Quinten Rollins, CB/S, Miami (OH)

Another defensive back with good potential. His value is right there too.


3.94 Ty Montgomery, WR, Stanford

This is essentially a value pick here because Montgomery is primarily a return guy, but he can definitely add another spice in the pass game as well.


4.129 Jake Ryan, LB, Michigan

5.147 Brett Hundley, QB, UCLA

6.206 Aaron Ripkowski, FB, Oklahoma

Of course the Packers would draft a fullback named Ripkowski. It was clearly based on name, but clearly he will be an All-pro for them.

6.210 Christian Ringo, DE/LB, LA-Laff

6.213 Kennard Backman, TE, UAB


This is kind of a strange draft, but the team clearly got better in their backfield and in the return game.

*************2014 NFL DRAFT GRADES************

1.21 Ha Ha Clinton-Dix, S, Alabama

How the Ha-Hell did he fall this far. He is a ball hawking corner with great tackling ability and very good instincts. 


2.53 Davante Adams, WR, Fresno State

I didn't think that Adams would be a very good pro, but now that he is a Packer you can pencil him in for 80 catches and 1,100 yards.


3.85 Khyri Thronton, DE/DT, USM

The dude could end up being a great player, but he went about a round too early.


3.98 Richard Rodgers, TE, Cal

This is a terrible pick unless he is a relative of Aaron. He was a 5th round talent that moved into the 3rd because of a weak TE class.


4.121 Carl Bradford, LB, Arizona State


5.161 Corey Linsley, C, OSU

5.176 Jared Abberderis, WR, Wisconsin

Funny thing is that for 30 other teams would never use a guy like him. Green Bay will turn him into Jordy Nelson.

7.197 Demetri Goodson, CB, Baylor

7.236 Jeff Janis, WR Saginaw Valley State


Good value. Hit needs. Found depth throughout. How this team is able to finesse a draft like this is unbelievable.

*************2013 NFL DRAFT GRADES************

1.26 Datone Jones, DE/DT, UCLA

I initially didn't understand why they wouldn't risk this pick on Lacy. The fact that they got him later helps.


2.61 Eddie Lacy, RB, Alabama

You get the most complete runner in the draft in the late second round, and it fills your biggest need at an amazing value. That's how you get double plus-signs...


4.109 David Bakhtiari, OT, Colorado

Great depth and value

4.122 J.C. Tretter, OL, Cornell

4.125 Johnathan Franklin, RB, UCLA

Yet another steal. This is a great Packers draft thus far.

5.150 Micah Hyde, CB, Iowa

5.167 Josh Boyd, DE/DT, Miss State
6.193 Nate Palmer, DE/LB, Illinois State
7.216 Charles Johnson, WR, Grand Valley State

7.224 Kevin Dorsey, WR, Maryland

7.232 Sam Barringon, LB, USF


I really like this draft for the Packers, and it might end up being my favorite. The team found at least one starter one each side of the ball, and five total guys that I think could start next season. You have to like the John Franklin pick in the 4th round at running back, but the Eddie Lacy pick at the end of the 2nd might be the best in the draft.

 *************2012 NFL DRAFT GRADES************ 

1.28 Nick Perry, DE/LB, USC

I'm still not sold that Perry will convert that well to linebacker, but his pass rushing potential was solid. I think a few other guys would have been better, but not a bad pick at all.


2.51 Jerel Worthy, DE/DT, Michigan State

The Packers almost never trade up in the draft, but they thought it was well worth it to trade a 4th rounder to wind up with one of the studs that fell in the draft.


2.62 Casey Hayward, CB, Vanderbilt

Another trade up??? I like the pick to get Hayward who was quietly an SEC stud, but they had better be ready to use their very late picks well. 


4.137 Mike Daniels, DE/DT, Iowa

Daniels is a guy that has been spectacular at times at Iowa, but he has also been very quiet. Not a bad 4th round flier though.


4.133 Jerron McMillan, S, Maine

I like that the Packers went after a safety here, but there were other guys out there that were a better value.


5.163 Terrell Manning, DE/LB, NC State

A few people had Manning in their top-100 picks, so it's hard to really hate the team for taking a chance on him in the 5th.


7.241 Andrew Datko, OT, FSU

Datko is a guy that could have been a top-50 pick if he could stay healthy and consistent in college. He's a perfect 7th rounder.


7.243 BJ Coleman, QB, Chattanooga


I really like this Packers draft when it is all said and done. They knew that their weakness last year was their defense, and they rallied out quite a bit of talent. Their first three picks were all good values in each of the three aspects of the defense, and their three picks after that (for the most part) were the same. They then added some safety picks in the 7th round with sleepers on the offensive line and at QB.

*************2011 NFL DRAFT GRADES************ 

1.32 Derek Sherrod, OT, Mississippi State

Good need for now or the future, great value, and a defense for the division's great pass rushers.

2.64 Randall Cobb, WR, Kentucky

Good value, good future need addressed that can get some touches now, and good potential.

3.96 Alex Green, RB, Hawaii

Some people don't like this pick, but I love it. Green is a powerful back with good speed, and he has very few carries. Was he a reach. Yes. Did he go before other guys? Yes. But he was worth a 4th round pick (which he essentially was), and he fits a need. 

4.131 Davon House, CB, New Mexico State

There aren't many people that left House off of their top-100(and he was a common 2nd rounder), so for a team to get him at the end of the fourth is robbery. 

5.141 D.J. Williams, TE, Arkansas

I am admittedly higher on Williams than most, but for value this is a pretty good given his playmaking ability.

6.179 Caleb Schlauderaff, OG, Utah

I like the idea, but I think they could have gotten a better talent. Hard to hate any 6th round go though.

6.186 D.J Smith, LB, Appalachian State

Defensive depth. Hard to love, but hard to hate.

6.197 Ricky Elmore, DE/LB, Arizona

Another steal. I'm not that high on Elmore, but what's to hate about a guy that could have gone two rounds earlier.

7.218 Ryan Taylor, TE, UNC

I don't mind the team adding another tight end, but I'm not convinced that he will make the roster cuts.


7.233 Lawrence Guy, DE/DT, Arizona State

Another great value. Guy is a...guy that could have gone in the 4th or 5th and he should be able to get a few plays a game in at end.
Draft Grade: B++

How do you not walk away liking this draft? The team had few glaring needs, and walked away much better. The first five picks should see some playing time next year, and I see 4-6 guys that could be on the team for a while. The one thing that keeps this team out of the "A" grade is that the team is that all of these guys could all wait awhile to become impacts in the league.


How did I not give them an A grade? The team knocked it out of the park with their first five picks, and while they might not get a ton of power for the 2011 season, they are still a team capable of competing.