*************2016 NFL DRAFT GRADES************

1.19 Shaq Lawson, DE/LB, Clemson

Sure! The Bills add pass rush depth, hit a need, and got a great value.


2.41 Reggie Ragland, ILB, Alabama

Great pick. Ragland should not have been available here, and he instantly makes the Bills run game so much better.

3.80 Adolphus Washington, DE/DT, Ohio State

Another very good pick. The Bills are crushing it defensively.


A very good draft overall. The Bills defense got some nasty workers to help push the division.

*************2015 NFL DRAFT GRADES************

2.50 Ronald Darby, CB, FSU

He can play, but the Bills don't need a corner.


3.81 John Miller, OG, Louisville

They needed some extra depth, but they reached a ton for Miller who was maybe a 5th rounder.


5.155 Karlos Williams, RB, FSU

6.188 Tony Steward, OLB, Clemson

6.194 Nick O'Leary, TE, FSU

7.234 Dezmin Lewis, WR, Central Ark


Yuck. They lose points for not having a 1st rounder, but they walk away with depth at guard and corner. I won't knock them much for not getting a QB(I still would have taken a shot on a guy instead of a guard in round 3), but this team did not get better from this draft.

*************2014 NFL DRAFT GRADES************

1.4 Sammy Watkins, WR, Clemson

The Bills need to figure some stuff out. I love getting your young QB a weapon, but Sammy Watkins was not a top-5 WR like AJ Green and Calvin Johnson. He benefited from a great college offense, and most of his highlights are of players missing tackles on him.

With that said, he was not worth two first round picks. The Bills paid a 9th pick this year, and probably a top-10 pick next year for him. I like getting weapons, but this was not the way to do it.


2.44 Cyrus Kouandjio, OT, Alabama

Much better. Kouandjio is too talented to have been here.


3.73 Preston Brown, LB, Louisville

I get it, but there were better guys on the board.


4.109 Ross Cockrell, CB, Duke

5.153 Cyril Richardson, OG, Baylor

7.221 Randell Johnson, LB, FAU

7.237 Seantrel Henderson, OT, Miami


If the team had not traded their next two drafts away for Sammy Watkins, then this draft could have been an A, but that was not the case. They actually got amazing value on three offensive linemen that could all start. 

*************2013 NFL DRAFT GRADES************

1.16 E.J. Manuel, QB, FSU

And the first QB taken is.... EJ Manuel? The Bills have taken two first round quarterbacks since Jim Kelly, and one of them was J.P Losman. This team has consistently passed over quarterbacks year after year, and they finally take one of them in one of the worst QB draft classes ever. Oh, and they took the guy that most people had 3rd or 4th in their QB rankings.

This team just does not understand how to properly build a team, and while I do like Manuel, they took the overhyped guy that is a project. Luckily they picked up a 2nd rounder to move back.


2.41 Robert Woods, WR, USC

Robert Woods won't win an MVP award, but he will be a top notch player in terms on consistency. Decent overall pick.


2.46 Kiko Alonso, MLB, Oregon

It's hard to hate this pick since he was free, but the team reached on Alonso here. I think that they could have gotten him a little later or traded back a smidge, but he does add good depth (and was free).


 3.78 Marquise Goodwin, WR, Texas

The Bill got a track star who also plays football. If they can find away to turn him into a football player that also does track and field then they could have a steal.


4.105 Duke Williams, S, Nevada

5.143 Jonathan Meeks, S, Clemson

6.177 Dustin Hopkins, K, FSU

7.222 Chris Gragg, TE, Arkansas


What a strange draft. The team touched on almost every need they needed in the draft while adding tools on both sides. The value wasn't great on really any of the picks, but the team actually tried to create a team. This is the kind of team that finds a way to sneak into the playoffs in a couple of years just because of the random tools and pieces that they possess.
 *************2012 NFL DRAFT GRADES************ 

1.10 Stephon Gilmore, CB, South Carolina

The Bills are too predictable. They really like to draft guys that they bring in, and Reiff & Floyd weren't on the list. The team is also notorious for taking defensive backs in the first round too recently. 


2.41 Cordy Glenn, OG/T, Georgia

Wow. The Bills sat back and got a top-25 worthy guard prospect to plug in. He also had RT potential which is even better for the Bills.


3.69 T.J Graham, WR, NC State

The Bills traded a late round pick to move up and draft 5th (ish) round prospect TJ Graham who was a deep sleeper for some people. The team had other, better options out there.

4.105 Nigel Bradham, OLB, FSU

The Bills needed some linebacker depth, and they got a decent value here with Bradham.


4.124 Ron Brooks, CB, LSU

Ron Brooks is a guy that knows his place. He knew that he wasn't a pure stud in college, but he knows that he was the third best corner on a team that has been flooded with first round talent as of late.


5.144 Zebrie Sanders, OT, FSU

Sanders is one of two very talented FSU guys that just didn't hit their potential in 2012. He could be a steal here.

5.147 Tank Carder, MLB/OLB, TCU

Carder is another guy with top-100 potential and he could definitely be a solid player for a long while.


6.178 Mark Asper, OG, Oregon

7. 251 John Potter, K, Western Michigan

The Bills landed quite a bit of value in this draft, but they may have only landed two starters and a ton of depth. This is another one of those drafts where you wonder if it was preparing them for 2013, or whether they think it will put them over the edge in 2012.

*************2011 NFL DRAFT GRADES************ 


1:3 Marcell Dareus, DE/DT/NT, Alabama

If the team wasn't going to take a QB, then they picked the guy that fills their biggest need with the pick. Still not a QB though.


2:34 Aaron Williams, CB/S, Texas

The Bills didn't have a high need for a CB or a safety, but I think they convinced themselves that passing on Patrick Peterson created a need. Ok value, but he might not start on day one


3:68 Kelvin Sheppard, MLB, LSU

Sheppard is a very good middle linebacker, and a good value for the 3rd round.


4:100 Da'Norris Searcy, DB, UNC

I didn't think the team needed another DB in the draft, and the value on Searcy here from all accounts was awful.


4:122 Chris Hairston, OT, Clemson

I think the team would have been better off taking Hairston 100th and Searcy 122nd, but too late. Hariston here is a good player, good value, and he hits a good need for the team.

5:133 Johnny White, RB, UNC

As Todd McShay said as he was making love to White via analysis, "White will instantly help as a pass catching back, and he will instantly help in the return game." Did the team cut C.J. Spiller? Why would a team take a less talented version of Spiller when they need a number of other things?

6:169 Chris White, OLB, Mississippi State

The team needed an OLB, but they needed one a long time ago in this draft. 


7:206 Justin Rogers, CB, Richmond

The third DB taken on a team that didn't absolutely need one.


7:245 Michael Jasper, OG, Bethel

Like I said for other teams, I won't hate on a 7th round pick if it has some thought.


Draft Grade D

Defense wins championships. Unfortunately Ryan Fitzpatrick does not. This team is not going to win until they find a worthy quarterback, and they need to find legitimate weapons and protection for him. The team found two different defensive backs before they found a pass rusher or offensive lineman, and the team drafted a less talented version of CJ Spiller. I see 1-4 starters from this class, and I'm not sold that this team has any idea how bad they draft. The team has no pass rush, they have no great rushers, and their quarterback isn't any good. Looks like the Bills will be my projected 1st overall pick for the third year in a row next year.


If you look at the Bills draft strategy the past few years it would look like they run a 2-0-9 defense with all of the DB that they draft. The team needs to realize that if they fix the front seven the crop of DB will shine. I just don't get how a team that needs a QB, some depth at WR/TE, and some OT depth would consistently ignore trying to fix it.