Oh the Tight End position. A year ago we saw guys like Gronk and Graham become 2nd and 3rd round picks because of their potential, while a ton of other guys showed their potential too. This year there is one guy worth loving, and I seem to love him a lot more than anyone else.

1) Jimmy Graham

I don't get why everyone else is undervaluing Graham. He is the first and second tier of tight ends, and he could be your team's steal for the very same reasons that I love Drew Brees. I have a theory that is hard to explain, but Graham might be worth taking right after the first two tiers of rushers and after Megatron. If you have your choice between A.J Green and Graham, he might be the better pick. Graham won't score as many points, but the difference in points scored between him and his replacements could outweigh the difference in receivers.

Lets just say that you were determined to get either a graham in the 2nd and a receiver in the 5th, or vice versa. Here are two feasible combos from last year:

Graham -152 points
R. Wayne- 165 points 
(total) - 317


AJ Green- 205 points
V. Davis- 85 points
(total) -290

Ok. So that was just one example, and maybe it makes more sense if you can get Graham in the late 2nd then it might be worth getting a guy that will score 50+ more points then any other replacement. If I told you now that you could have the Bears 2012 defense this year. Would you reach to get them? Well here's your chance to get exactly that at tight end.

2) Rob Gronkowski

I actually believe that Gronk will miss the first 3 games of the year, and he is still the 2nd best tight end. I would rather hold Gronk and a fill in for a few weeks to guarantee him. He scored 7 fewer points than Graham did last year despite playing only 11 games! He's your playoff ticket.

3) Tony Gonzalez

4) Jason Witten

5) Jared Cook

Cook is my sleeper this year if you are going to wait on a tight end. He reunites with Jeff Fisher, and he could gel on a team that may have to pass a lot.

6) Dennis Pitta

7) Vernon Davis

I'm selling on Davis. He has all the tools to succeed, but he just doesn't live up to it all.

8) Antonio Gates

9) Kyle Rudolph

10) Rob Housler

Everyone has him as a sleeper, but for good reason

11) Jordan Cameron

12) Tyler Eiffert

13) Greg Olson