Here is the list that you have been waiting on, the 2013 Sleepers. You find Giovanni Bernard or Daryl Richardson on this list. I will give you some guys that you've heard of, and some that you haven't, while also throwing out some names that are worth stealing.

The Guy's You May Know

1) Shane Vereen, RB, Patriots

Ok, so this may be a no-brainer to some, but Vereen is currently being drafted as the 30th running back in the 6th round of 12-team leagues. So there obviously aren't enough people that know about the kid. If you look at his statistics last year then you would have seen very little, until a 121 yard, 3-TD performance in the playoffs last year against the Texans. 

He won't rush it for big numbers, but he will be a PPR monster that is still draftable in regular leagues. In first two preseason game he has had seven carries for 41-yards, and six receptions for 61-yards and a score. 

2) James Jones, WR, Packers

I'm not sure why last year's TD leader is getting no respect. Jones isn't going to be a top-8 receiver this year, and he likely will fall off a bit in the TD department, but with another year it is hard to really justify him as WR3 at best like some do, especially given nagging injuries that Jordy and Randall will be facing.

3) DeSean Jackson, WR, Eagles

Jackson has the talent to be a top-5 receiver in the league, and has flashed it too many times. If Vick is the starter, then I think Jackson is worth a 4th round pick (2 rounds earlier than he is currently going). Steal him in the early 5th.

The Guys You Should Know

When I pick my real sleepers, I look for guys that I think have the potential to become top-5 players at their position. Last year I nailed both Doug Martin and RG3 at great values because they were starters with too much potential. 

This year is much harder because the crop of rookies is so weak that it is hard to predict. There are a ton of guys that I love though.

1) Michael Floyd, WR, Arizona

It baffles me that the Cardinals are not getting more fantasy respect... in the pass game. They have one of the two worst run games in football, and they have a division that may make them always play from behind. Carson Palmer, and all three of the Arizona receivers are in for a good season. I think Larry Fitzgerald is a great pick, but don't be shocked if Floyd has the better season. Think 1,200 yard and 8 touchdown potential. Not bad for the 45th ranked WR.

2) Brian Hartline, WR, Miami

Hartline finished as the 36th receiver in scoring last year, but that primarily was that he couldn't get into the endzone. In fact Hartline finished with over 1,000 yards receiving, and the addition of Mike Wallace will do nothing but help Hartline develop. Think slot receiver with straight line potential. In retrospect he needed to have scored 3 more touchdowns last year to tie Wallace in terms of fantasy production.

3) Marcel Reece, FB, Oakland

Yep, that's a FB sleeper! Reece is an impact player that will collect 3rd down receptions and some additional power carries. He also is slotted to make an enormous impact when Darren McFadden goes down at some point in the year. He's the real handcuff that you should look at.

The Best of the Rest

1) E.J Manuel, QB, Bills

I'm not really sure why he isn't being grabbed by anyone right now. He was a very early pick, and he will play sooner than later. He is efficient in patches, and he can (and will) run. He is the perfect backup to stash on your team and just wait on. Give him a few good weeks and trade him.

2) LaGarrette Blount, RB, Patriots

The 5th stringer on the Patriots, who might also be the most talented. Blount physically has traits of Barry Sanders and Adrian Peterson physically, but mentally needs to focus. I like him very late though.

3) Andre Roberts, WR, Arizona

Why the heck not? Roberts was just as good as Fitzgerald was last year, and it only takes a little bit to succeed. He has the same scoring potential as Floyd does.