For the first time in a long time I am lost with the running back rankings. Expecting Adrian Peterson to come close to what he did last year is unfair. Arian Foster isn't 100-percent healthy, and one of these days Ben Tate is going to get a few extra carries. Marshawn Lynch is great when he tries, but it doesn't take much to kill motivation. Jamal Charles bounced back perfectly last year, but is he overvalued too much because of Andy Reid? Do you trust a Hamster that got half his year's points in only a couple of games? And do you really trust that Trent Richardson is going to play healthy and take that next step to top-5 fantasy excellence?

You might think that I am negative towards all of the rushers in the first round, but that it just not the case. I just don't see the substantial difference between getting an Adrian Peterson first overall, or getting Trent Richardson or Ray Rice with the 8th pick. If your league allows you to trade back, then do it. 

Also, for the first time ever there are a ton of guys like Shane Vereen, LeVeon Bell, Ahmad Bradshaw, Danny Woodhead and Lamar Miller that can be 'stolen' later. 

1) Adrian Peterson

He has earned the right to be the top guy.

2) Arian Foster

Like Peterson he has earned his spot here. He has had backup and injury issues for awhile, and has done nothing but prove his haters wrong.

3) Jamaal Charles

My third rusher is Charles. He blew it up last season while staying under 300 carries, and his 5 rushing scores was a fluke. He also just got a new coach that knows how to create great fantasy players. Also, with the addition of Alex Smith comes more checkdowns, and an overall better emphasis on just getting first downs.

4) Ray Rice

Hey diddle diddle, take Rice in the middle... of the first round. He is a safe overall bet, he is guaranteed to get catches which helps if the team is behind, and I'm not scared of Bernard Pierce like some are.

5) Marshawn Lynch

Avoid him in your PPR league, but in regular leagues take Lynch about here. He could become a top runner in the league, but he has had issues in the past in caring. He also has two backups (including 2nd round pick Christine Michael) that will challenge him some. I don't love him getting a ton of 3rd down reps with the other guys, but I am happy with him in the middle of the first.

6) Trent Richardson

7) Doug Martin, Tampa Bay

8) LeSean McCoy

9) C.J. Spiller

10) Alfred Morris, Washington

He can't catch anything, and it is hard to imagine him doing more than he did as a rookie. 

11) Matt Forte

12) Chris Johnson

13) Steven "Chedar" Jackson

14) Reggie Bush

15) Darren McFadden

16) Frank Gore

17) Maurice Jones Drew

This is low for MJD, but he is coming back from an injury, he is on a terrible team that will always be passing from behind, and it is hard to imagine him being happy in Jacksonville.

18) David Wilson

19) Ahmad Bradshaw

20) DeMarco Murray

I vouched for Murray coming out of college as a huge sleeper to be a top-5 rusher in league if he could stay healthy. He is essentially that... unfortunately.

21) Darren Sproles

22) Stevan Ridley

23) Lamar Miller, Miami

24) Montee Ball, Denver


LeVeon Bell

I actually like Bell more than Montee Ball. He doesn't have two guys that are severely fighting for reps, and it's safe to say that he will be the starter. I also fell in love with his speed-to-size-ratio that he can pack.

Shane Vereen

Do you remember what he did against Houston in the playoffs? 41 yards on the ground, and 80 in the air with 3 scores. He will take on Danny Woodhead duties (who finished in the top-15 among RB last year), and you can bet your bottom dollar that he will act like a flexing tight end in certain play sets with Aaron Hernandez gone.

Zac Stacy, Saint Louis

This will be a deep sleeper to some, but he should end up the starter for the Rams. Think Doug Martin.

Danny Woodhead, San Diego

Speaking of Danny Woodhead...I don't see New England production from him, but he has Darren Sproles potential for a team, especially in a PPR league.