The 2013 NFL Fantasy class is a unique one. For the first time in a long time I am not in love with any one running back that I would love to take in the draft. At the same time there is three times more rushing talent that I would love to have in the 5th round.

Today we will start with fantasy passers. I usually am the first person to say that the quarterback is a dumb pick to take early on, but there is one guy that I love this year. If you don't get that guy at a great value then wait your turn and get a guy like Tony Romo later on in the draft. 

The Rankings

1) Drew Brees, New Orleans

No Aaron Rodgers? Nope. Let someone else overpay for him. A year ago Brees missed almost the entire off season with his team because of a contract issue. He had no head coach for the entire season, and he had to deal with a major team controversy. And it showed in his 19 interceptions. But he still found a way to score 30 more points than Aaron Rodgers did. His division got better, and his run game got a little worse, so he will be expected to throw a lot. Take him and love the 30 points a game he will get you.

2) Aaron Rodgers, Green Bay

I don't dislike Rodgers, but I just don't get his 1st round hype. He just got paid, his division got worse, and his run game got 5 times better. There might be a chance that Graham Harrell will be playing week 16 & 17 also. Yuck.

3) Tom Brady, New England

He lost some pass catchers, but we are talking about the Patriots. Shane Vereen will be much more involved (see 2012 playoffs), Gronk will be back when it counts, and they added three capable pass catchers. Steal him if you can.

4) Cam Newton, Carolina was the first website to mock Newton first overall in the 2011 NFL draft, so you had better believe that he is high on our lists here. His coach is under pressure, his run game is fading a little bit, and his division got better, so you know he will be expected to throw it about as well as he rushes it.

5) Peyton Manning, Denver

Do not overpay for Manning. He is great, but the addition of Wes Welker does more to hurt Eric Decker's stock then it will to improve his. Manning, like Brady does not need great targets to be great. He also might be resting in real life during your playoffs. 

6) Matt Stafford, Detroit

Stafford threw 10 fewer scores last year than he should have. If he changes that this year then he is a top-3 Quarterback.

7) Russell Wilson, Seattle

8) Colin Kaepernick, San Francisco

9) Tony Romo, Dallas

He isn't sexy, but he gets results. 

10) Andrew Luck, Indy

Another guy that I'm not overvaluing. His team is better this year, but he lost his coordinator that caused him to throw so much last year. His run game is also a lot stronger, and he won't be expected to do as much. 

11) Matt Ryan, Atlanta

12) Robert Griffin, Washington

With so many rushing QB's out there, I'm sticking to the one that doesn't look like Mike Vick. I was all about buying RG3 last year in the middle rounds, but don't be the guy to buy him in the 3rd round.

13) Eli Manning
14) Ben Roethlisberger
15) Andy Dalton 
16) Carson Palmer
17) Michael Vick 

Vick isn't sexy, but he is a backup that you should love. What happens if he finds a niche in Chip Kelly's new system and goes back to his 2011 self?

18) E.J. Manuel, Buffalo
19) Geno Smith, New York Jets


1) Sam Bradford

He is the only starter worth being on the team, and he has three new capable weapons

2) Phillip Rivers

Rivers has to try harder or he will be dangerously close to being replaced in San Diego

3) Raiders QB's

8 of the 11 defensive starters were backups on other teams last year. One starter is a rookie, and overall Charles Woodson might be the best player on the defense. Whoever is throwing the ball on this terrible team will always be playing from behind.