Do you like Cam Robinson? If you aren't a Bama fan then you probably aren't begging for him to fall you at 8. You would condemn your team if they passed on one of the numerous pass rushers or defensive backs early, especially if they 'reached' on Cam Robinson.

Let me first start by saying that I'm not a crazy Bama fan, and I don't actually like Robinson. I don't think he has the technique to protect the blind side at the next level, but he could be fine on the opposite end. But there is one thing that I do like, and that is historical data.

Most believe that Cam Robinson will be the first offensive linemen taken in the draft, while there are only about three others that have a 'chance' to get to the 1st round. But history might argue against it. Just look at offensive linemen taken in the first round during the last ten years of the draft:

As you can see history favors at least one big man going in the top-5, but let's not get crazy. There has always been one that at least sneaks into the top-10, and by the top-20 there are an average of 4 per year. This year truly is not that talented of a class, but teams will talk themselves into guys. It happens every year, and it will continue to happen.

So why Cam Robinson that early? It's simple. History says that the position is talented enough to raise a player. But it's his experience that could burst him. Both Garett Bolles and Ryan Ramczyk are talented, but they don't have a ton of experience at the top levels. Robinson has three years in the toughest conference. He comes from one of THE best coaches in terms of smart football, and that is something that teams appreciate. In a league where offensive line play is at its worst because of a reduction in offseason reps, these things matter. They might matter the most out of any position out there.

So with experience and history it will be hard for some team to not love Cam Robinson. Most teams may not see him as a potential left tackle in the league, but some will. And that is all it takes.