Five years ago rookie tight end Ben Watson was a 1st round pick by the Patriots. He didn't come to terms with his team until 18-days into training camp. His agent was Tom Condon, of CAA sports. Why does this matter? Because the Patriots haven't drafted a Tom Condon prospect since.

Some may ask whether that could be coincidence but the CAA organization had ten 1st round picks in 2010. They also have had 64 first rounders in the last ten years and the first overall pick has been for CAA six of the last seven years. The fact is that CAA is one of the, if not the most prestigious agencies for prospects but the Patriots do not care because of past issues.

Why does that matter though? Because Aldon Smith, JJ Watt, Anthony Castonzo, Aaron Williams, Mark Herzlich, Marcus Cannon, and AJ Green are CAA prospects and all of them could help a team like the Patriots, but unfortunately they might not go that way.

I was able to find some data from the S.A.B to list out which players/agents were taken by which teams, but unfortunately it was hard to find many drastic conclusions. I did find that two teams (the Eagles and Steelers) were guilty of collecting the only players from certain agencies. The Patriots seemed to go after a large array of different agents, which could be a strategy they have used.

Again, data was collected by