Many draft websites out there pride themselves on their mock drafts, their big boards, their prospect rankings and their scouting reports. This site however takes pride on the science of the draft and how we can use the science to evaluate players for the future. That is where the draftology page gets it's heart and hope from, and that's where my motivation of this new "Draft Report" section come from. It is like a scouting report, except that we will break down a player from head to toe to see whether they are the prospect they look like. These reports are set up not to break them down into a draft segment, but rather to see if the player is much better (or worse) than most seem to think they are.

Gabe Carimi, OT, Wisconsin

Carimi is an interesting prospect if you break it down completely. Many people think that he can man the left side of the line, and many people think he is only a right tackle at the next level. Let's look at Carimi before we truly break him down though.


* Elite run blocker
* Very strong
* Great at sealing in any inside pass rushing
* Good athlete
* Great technical skillset


* Not an athlete athlete
* Strange (inconsistent) footwork
* Sometimes beat off the edge
* Sometimes pushes off too hard while overextending arms which allows defenders to swipe around him
* Sometimes push defenders too far forward which opens up a separate hole


Big Ten Syndrome (Experience strictly with mauling power defenses instead of speed demons)
Big Shoes (Last LT drafted from Wisconsin was Joe Thomas. BIG shoes to fill)
Big Team (Team had arguably college's best OL, so little experience with a bad supporting cast)


Even if I could find the stats on Carimi they wouldn't matter that much. He did have very good games against Cameron Heyward and Adrian Clayborn this year though which are impressive.


Most experts believe that Carimi will be drafted to play RT in the NFL because of his run blocking skills combined with a weak pass rushing footwork set. The NFL players at the next level are both strong and fast and if a player does not have the athleticism or footwork to block them then they cannot protect the blindside. This may be true now but he is unique because he actually is a very athletic player that has at time flashed brilliance in pass protection. Carimi has some key flaws but most of them are issues that could be fixed by good coaching.

Honestly I believe that Carimi is a unique prospect because despite his flaws he is an athletic player that is capable of learning to protect the left side. Carimi could be this year's version of Michael Oher or Brayn Bulaga in that he will likely be drafted to start at RT for his first year or two until he is coached up and able to play the left side. Carimi might just be in the perfect offensive tackle class because he is still one of the best overall prospects, but not good enough to go to a team that can coach him into a stud player at the next level.