Every so often I plan to have a Draftology special called "Coach Breakdown." In these articles I plan to take a coach in the NFL and look at their NFL Draft history to help breakdown what they like. Some coaches don't have a draft strategy and they draft based on value and direct need. But some coaches do have plans that they will do anything for, and that is what I want to expose.

The first lesson ironically is based on Eric Mangini who was recently fired, but I have a feeling that he will be a coach again since he actually is a good talent evaluator (for the most part). There is no easy way to start so I think I'll do it simply with:

FACT: Eric Mangini prioritizes a LT and a Center (via trade) in his first draft and a corner in his second draft.

In 2006 in his first draft with the Jets, Mangini drafted D'Brickashaw Ferguson with his first pick. Ferguson has gone on to be one of the best tackles in the game at times and was worthy of the pick. The Jets also traded at the end of the round to get one of the best center prospects ever in Nick Mangold.

In 2009 in his first season with the Browns Mangini traded back to get as much value as he could and drafted one of the best center prospects ever in Alex Mack. They didn't draft a LT because the team had recently taken a stud in Joe Thomas, but could have gotten either Andre Smith or Eugene Monroe there if he hadn't had Thomas.

As you can see in Mangini's first year with a team he likes to command a team by solidifying the offensive line. He does this first by getting a great left tackle and then by solidifying the center of the line. This is a smart move in planing because having a great offensive line will help to make bad QB play work out a little better.

In 2007 Mangini decided to take Darrelle Revis, cornerback from Pittsburgh. Revis had an injury for the combine and saw his stock fall some until he ran a good 40-time on his pro day. He is now arguably the 2nd best corner in the league (Nnamdi Asomugha is better and it isn't even close).

In 2010 Mangini took Joe Haden in the early 1st round. Haden was a great prospect and was a consensus best corner until he was hurt in the combine. Haden ran a good time at his pro day and saw his stock improve. Haden had six interceptions and a sack and has even gotten rookie of the year mentions.

This also makes sense from Mangini's standpoint. He drafts an under-the radar quality corner to take pressure off of the linebackers which also improves the run defense. If you look at the five first round players that Mangini took in his first two years of each team you would find three pro bowlers, and arguably some of the best five players in the game.

I have no doubt in my mind that Mangini could find another head coaching gig and I think this is a basic prediction of what he could select.