This is a brand new section for the Draftology section called "Project Breakdown." Have you ever wondered why certain teams are producing so many NFL prospects? Have you ever wondered if these players are turning out great, and if the teams really are putting out the talent that they the draft says they are? I plan to go through these kinds of teams that put out a lot (or not enough) pro prospects and break it down to see if teams are really putting out filet or bologna.

The first edition of Project Breakdown is based on the recent success on the North Carolina football squad under coach Butch Davis. Since Davis has come to the team he has produced 18 pro prospects (nine from each side of the game) and he has created a contender in each year in football. After compiling a quick group of statistics I did find that the team really hasn't gotten better (given the 8-5 record the last three seasons) despite statistically getting better. The team is putting out so much talent right now, but you would think that a team that has so much talent would be able to win more than 8 games in the 4th or 5th strongest football conference. Statistically the team did very well in 2010, but at the end of the day the team finished just as well as they did in 2008 and 2009.

Statistically speaking, one in three players drafted from UNC isn't on the team that has drafted them (looking at the first three years). All four of the defensive players that were drafted in the first three years are marginal successes for their teams. Offensively speaking the five offensive players as a whole have been disappointing. Reynolds, Quinn and Foster have essentially busted. I personally don't see Brandon Tate as even a top-40 receiver (although Patriot fans think he is great), and Hakeem Nicks does actually have the potential to be a stud in the league.

Looking forward to the 2012 draft, I am not sure what to think about North Carolina's prospects. Many of the players drafted have injury, or off the field concerns and very few have transitioned to the NFL with any success. There are at least six or seven prospects that could wind up in either day one or day two of the 2012 draft, but I'm not sold yet that any of them are 'can't miss'.