For the last five years I have been analyzing the running back prospects based on their combine outcomes. It is one thing to analyze the 40-yard dash alone, but a 40-yard dash by a prospect that is 5'6'' and 160 pounds should not be rated the same as a 6-foot tall, 210-pound player. There are similar formulas out there that pro-rate speed based on weight, but I truly believe that the height of a player needs to be factored as well. It is a subtle difference, but a player that is 6'2' is completely different than the 5'10 player.

I have cranked the numbers together of the 2015 prospects to see who athletically could be the best prospects. Obviously this is not a perfect science, and it doesn't predict a player's heart, or a player's ability to stay healthy. But the math does have an ability to really show which guys could come out of nowhere to succeed. LaGarrette Blount, DeMarco Murray, and Knile Davis are just a few of the guys that really jumped out on the charts.

Over the last couple of years I have calculated a score based on a player's first 10-yards which indicates burst.

As you will see from this year's combine class, Karlos Williams and Northern Iowa's David Johnson are the two potential studs to come out. Williams on the field should surprise nobody, but his off the field issues could harm his career. Johnson is a guy that has great bursting speed, and a lot of great highlight tape where he is often VERY hard to tackle.