**Warning: This is an article which goes from the 'Double Dipping' theory. I suggest that you read the fairly quick draftology lesson on Double Dipping before reading this

Each and draft is different from year to year. For instance the 2011 draft is beyond loaded at offensive guards, defensive linemen, and in mid to late round quarterbacks. It is a very weak class at tight end, linebacker and safety. So naturally you will see some teams reach for talent to get the 'best' of the worst positions while also passing on quality positions early because they know that they can find it later on. But this year might be a very unique one, because there is a very large need for quarterback coming into the league, and there are over 20 different quarterbacks that are good enough to get drafted this year.

As you may have read in my Double Dipping article, it is often a bad idea to take multiple quarterbacks in the same draft because you only have one QB that you would need, but this year is special. I have compiled the need at QB for every team in the league, and as you will see, I have somewhere between 13 and 18 teams that could use at least a 3rd/4th round guy this year.

NEED NOW (Teams with no future guys, and team is desperately in need of a starter)

San Fran

BIG NEED (Teams that have a veteran or young guy, but that will possibly take a guy in the first)

Carolina (Clausen still has a ton of potential)
Buffalo (Buffalo does like Fitzy)

So-So NEED (Teams with unreliable starters that could bring in competition, or teams)

Kansas City (Cassel is replaceable)

NEED of Possible Starter (Teams with a lot of questions either from fans or from organization)

Denver (Elways hates Tebow)
Cleveland (Colt McCoy is future but could always use a backup or competition)
Chicago (Team really needs to draft a developmental Kyle-Orton type)
Detroit (Stafford has been hurt more than he has played)
Philly (Vick will likely need a new backup soon)

NEED of backup/future (Sort of explains itself)

New England
Saint Louis
Tampa Bay (Here only because Josh Johnson might be trade bait, and they could use a better non-athletic QB3)
New York Giants
New Orleans
Pittsburgh (All of their backups are below average)
New York Jets

Almost no NEED

San Diego (arguably best overall QB core)
Green Bay (I don't think they trade their backups to keep it this way)

As you can see, there are a lot of teams that need a quarterback. Given the need at the position I believe that 20 OR MORE quarterbacks could be drafted this year. In 2010 there were 14 passers taken, and in 2009 there were 11. I believe that there could be 20. I have 19 guys worth noting in my QUARTERBACK RANKINGS right now, but I could list 10 others with a chance to be drafted.

Why do you think that you have likely seen Cam Newon, Blaine Gabbert, Jake Locker, Ryan Mallett, Christian Ponder, Colin Kaepernick, Ricky Stanzi, Andy Dalton and Pat Dalton... all going as early as the 3rd round in this draft. Teams will address immediate needs, but look for some teams to take a guy early (maybe someone like Ponder) and then double dip and take a guy in the later rounds. Many of the teams early on my lists have a need for an instant start, and THEN for another passer for backup/security reasons. Sure if you draft two quarterbacks then you are guaranteeing that one won't play much, but you are also increasing the odds that one does well. With so many questions with passers in the draft (there isn't one guy that is a top-20 prospect in most drafts), it makes a ton of sense to use a late round pick on depth that is needed.

while there is no perfect way to determine teams with two quarterbacks needed, team need, and whether the team has existing guys that would make good backups. For instance, Carolina has Jimmy Clausen, a 2nd rounder last year so if they have no need to take two passers in this draft because Clausen at worst is a great backup. While there is no perfect way to judge this, here are the teams that I think could benefit with two drafted QB's.

Green Bay and Carolina