The 2013 NFL draft is less than a week away, and it is becoming more and more clear that this draft is one of the hardest to predict ever. While we think we know who the first pick will be, there is no rhyme or reason as to who will come next. And quite possibly the hardest pick to predict is the 3rd pick by the Oakland Raiders who seem to need help at every position. In fact there are about ten different players that could end up wearing the silver and black, which is exactly why I think they HAVE to trade this pick.

First off, let's look at the motive of the trade. The Raiders have needs everywhere on their team, and it is safe to say that no position is safe on this team. These Raiders have so many needs that they may be willing to cash in on their 3rd overall pick to get extra picks in this draft. This Raiders team is also so strapped for cash, that the difference between the 3rd and the 7th pick could be monumental. 

Don't believe me? Last year the difference between the 3rd pick ($5.1M per year) and the 7th ($3.6M per year) was $1.6 million. Oh, and the difference between the 3rd and the 12th is nearly $2.6 million. This Raiders team would love to cut the amount they have to pay. It is also cheaper to pay the 7th overall pick and a 2nd rounder compared to the 3rd overall. 

The final motive is that the Raiders are in a bad spot at 3rd overall, because there are too many guys that would be a good value and an upgrade for them. If they were to trade back to let's say the 7-spot, then they would be in just as good as a spot than the 3rd overall. If they had the 7th pick, they would still be guaranteed to end up with one of these guys:

Sharrif Floyd
Ziggy Ansah
Star Lotulelei
Dee Milliner
Luke Joeckal
Dion Jordan
Eric Fisher

Even with the 12th pick they are left with a legitimate upgrade, as well as other value from the trade. 
The Raiders have also been the quietest team picking in the top-3 in the history of the draft, and that scares me. Sure, it might be that GM Reggie McKenzie came from a Green Bay team that always is quiet in the draft, but I doubt the Packers would be this quiet if the roles were reversed. The only logical reason that the Raiders have been so quiet is that they already have a deal in place to trade down. Maybe a team like the Cardinals or Dolphins love a prospect like Eric Fisher enough to make these Raiders stay quiet.

The fact of the matter is that the Raiders HAVE to find a way to trade down to 7th overall. In terms of this draft, it is likely that the two offensive players on the list above would be gone. Whichever defensive player the Raiders would get would be one of the players that they would have considered with their 3rd pick. In fact, Sharrif Floyd (the player that most top analysts predict will go 3rd to the Raiders) will almost certainly fall to at least 7th overall if the Raiders don't take him. 

These Raiders have to find a way to trade down. Even if they get a 'bad deal' (let's say a 4th rounder) to do so they would still benefit because they would be getting a player that they could have taken with their 3rd pick for a cheaper price while also getting another player later in the draft.