No. 25 Southern Miss (7-1) at East Carolina (4-4)

If you were to just look at records then you would pass this off as an instant win for USM, but that's why we don't just look at records. Southern Miss has had just one opponent from a BCS conference, and that was Virginia. ECU on the other hand faced Virginia Tech, South Carolina, North Carolina, and (while not BCS, they are undefeated) Houston. I think Dominique Davis pulls off the win here at home.

ECU upsets

Louisville (4-4) at No. 24 West Virginia (6-2)

I really want to keep my Big East sleeper team in check going into this game, but it won't be easy for the Cardinals. I do believe this game is closer than expected, but Louisville's offense just isn't quite there yet to contend.

West Virginia wins

Texas Tech (5-3) at No. 21 Texas (5-2)

What is with these teams? Texas Tech pulls a huge upset at Oklahoma before a losing to Iowa State at home by 34 points. Texas on the other hand has been strong against any team not located in Oklahoma. I think this game turns into a shootout when it is all said and done, and I think Texas Tech pulls the slight upset.

Texas Tech upsets

Purdue (4-4) at No. 20 Wisconsin (6-2)

People are finally starting to see the sign of hope at Purdue, and while they need to win two of their next four games to get to a bowl it won't be easy. Wisconsin on the other hand has fallen through the bottom, and if they want to have any chance of rebounding they will have to crush Purdue.

Wisconsin wins

No. 19 Arizona State (6-2) at UCLA (4-4)

On paper Arizona State should win this game and cruise to the Pac 12 championship game. But if UCLA can pull a win off here they would sneak into first place in the division, and they just might be able to keep coach Neuheisel's job.

UCLA upsets

New Mexico State (3-5) at No. 18 Georgia (6-2) 

Georgia is 6-0 after loses against South Carolina and Boise State to start the season, and I don't see any way that they lose to New Mexico State.

Georgia wins

Minnesota (2-6) at No. 17 Michigan State (6-2)

As an Iowa native I have no idea how coach Kirk Ferentz has a job after losing to Minnesota again last weekend. Michigan State wins this game by 40 points.

Michigan State wins

No. 15 Michigan (7-1) at Iowa (5-3)

Coach Ferentz lost to Minnesota last week, and there is no good excuse. If you are wondering why, you need to know that whether the Hawks are facing Minnesota or Michigan they will keep the game close. In fact the average margin of loss for the Hawks since 2008 (14 losses) has been 3.8. That means that the hawks keep games close for better or for worse. 

I think that the Hawks will rebound this weekend at home against the Wolverines, and I think they come off like heroes after that terrible loss to Minnesota.

Iowa upsets

No. 14 Kansas State (7-1) at No. 3 Oklahoma State (8-0)

If you look at records then you would think that this would be a great game, but Oklahoma State is a heavy favorite against a team that was crushed last week. Oklahoma State needs to win this game which just might be their biggest weakness going forward. I over the years have learned to never doubt Kansas State though, and I think that they could (but won't) pull a huge upset.

Oklahoma State wins

No. 13 Houston (8-0) at UAB (1-7)

My gut tells me to take UAB here, but every single part of my brain tells me that this will be a 30+ point win for Houston.

Houston wins

Northwestern (3-5) at No. 10 Nebraska (7-1)

The Huskers should completely run this game from start to finish, but over the years I have learned to never doubt Northwestern. Huskers win, but don't be surprised if some purple power bleeds through.

Nebraska wins

No. 9 South Carolina (7-1) at No. 7 Arkansas (7-1)

It's funny what a 1 v 2 week will do to the other great games. This game is a battle of SEC teams that make you wonder what they would be with their head backs in still. If there is a coinflip of a game this year I truly believe that could be one. I think that Arkansas's offense has the potential to pull the upset on any team, so they should be able to squeak out a win at home.

Arkansas wins

No. 8 Oregon (7-1) at Washington (6-2)

This game is a little bit more intriguing than most believe. Washington's only losses this season were on the road against Nebraska and Stanford, and the rivalry between Oregon is a good one. Oregon should blow out the Huskies, but they just might be overlooking this game for Stanford next week slightly. Oregon wins it, but I'm thinking a 24-30 kind of finish.

Oregon wins

Texas A&M (5-3) at No. 6 Oklahoma (7-1)

Yet another game that is getting overlooked. A&M lost games against Oklahoma State and Arkansas by a combined 3 points, and their third loss last week to Missouri in overtime just might have been what they need to wake up and pull and upset. On the other hand Oklahoma has recharged themselves after the loss a few weeks ago to Texas Tech, and they are on a mission.

Oklahoma wins 

No. 5 Boise State (7-0) at UNLV (2-5)

Boise State is a 40-point favorite on the road this weekend, and they should be. They had better not be looking towards next weeks game against TCU though.

Boise State wins

No. 4 Stanford (8-0) at Oregon State (2-6)

Stanford should 100% go into this game and win it while thinking of the team like they are the Oregon Duck's B-team, but who knows. Mike Riley might just need to win this game (or the one against Oregon) to keep his job. Oregon State is due, however, for their annual upset.

Stanford wins (closer than thought)

No. 1 LSU (8-0) at No. 2 Alabama (8-0)

And the overhype game of the year is? Ok, so maybe the winner of this game has an unofficial ticket to the championship game, but I just get the feeling that this game won't be as good as hyped. Could either team win? Sure, and I have a hard time picking a clear cut winner because the talent on the field will be spectacular. 

Overall I think that Alabama's offense is slightly better than LSU's. LSU has a little bit more star power at quarterback which will help if they get in a hole, but Alabama is able to flow from start to finish very well. Defensively both teams are spectacular, and there is a reason why they are ranked first and second in PPG allowed. I think Alabama's group is a little bit more balanced, while I think LSU's is more lethal.

If LSU is able to blow the game open then I would see it as a tough task for Alabama to come back given their team plan, but Alabama is so balanced, and so good that I think they would be able to control LSU and win the game. I see a 23-16 win for the Tide.

Alabama wins