Ok, so I ripped off an idea from ESPN that came off this week, but I think that in light of the draft season starting to come to figure itself out that some college rankings would be good. I base my rankings generally on schedule, potential, conference, and the potential to get to a championship.

  1. Oklahoma Sooners

    The Sooners have a lot of the things going for them that I love. The team returns their QB Landry Jones (who looked very good last year) that now has two years of starting experience under his belt. They also return one of the better receivers in football in Ryan Broyles. On defense they return a ton of talent including the best LB in college in Travis Lewis. The team has a good schedule (many tough games at home), potential, and a coach that can get them to the big game.

  2. Alabama Crimson Tide

    Ok, so I ripped off the top-2 teams from ESPN, but it isn't really that close. Oklahoma is essentially the only contender that isn't changing QB's, and Alabama is by far the deepest team in college. Alabama lost three players that will likely go in the first round, and another that was a good program QB, so that will be the first issue. If the team can adjust to the losses well then they should clean up college football completely.

  3. Boise State Broncos

    The Broncos lost two receivers that could go in the first three rounds, but after that the team returns most of its firepower going into 2011. The team is now in the MWC which means it will have a stronger conference to help support their contender status. If the team can conquer Georgia at (essentially) home in the first game of the season then they could legitimize themselves as a title team.

  4. Ohio State Buckeyes

    Before the emails flood in about me being a buckeye fan, you need to know that the Buckeyes are this high because even with the suspensions they could be a title team. The team essentially faces nobody in the first five games (Michigan State and Miami are both very overrated), and after that they are back to full strength. I think the Big Ten needs to have the team lose the Big Ten title reign this year, but it just might not happen.

  5. LSU Tigers

    The Tigers are in these rankings only because of what they do well. The team is going to have a great defense, a good power run game, tall talented receivers, an ok OL and some of the worst QB play in college. I personally like the Tigers to beat Oregon to start the season too which will help their rankings.

  6. Oregon Ducks

    As an Oregon Alum few people would ever expect me to be down on the Ducks in 2011. The team returns their stud QB, a Heisman quality rusher, the fastest overall team in football and a whole bunch of athletes throughout the team, so why would I be down?

    First off is with that run game. LaMichael James was great the last two seasons, but he made a mistake by not going pro. LaMichael will be looking to prove his talent, but unfortunately he will have to share carries with guys that have been promised touches as well. Kenjon Barner is a guy that has looked great and will demanding carries. Freshman Lache Seastrunk will also want some major playing time after sitting out last year.

    The team's top receivers including go-to guy Jeff Maehl are gone. The team has to replace three offensive lineman. The team also has to replace five or six starters on defense that will be missed as well. So while the team will be fast, it will have a lot of inexperience throughout.

    The final thing to note is that I personally hate 'my' team's overconfidence. The team's confidence is at an all-time high going into the season, but the team was confident going into BCS bowls the last two seasons (crushed in both games despite what the score says).

  7. Texas Longhorns

    Texas Longhorns? They won only five games last year, and are going to sit in the Big-12 coffin behind Oklahoma, Texas A&M, Missouri and Oklahoma State right? Perhaps. But given the team's recruiting talent, development, and an intriguing QB battle which could see Colt McCoy's brother start next year intrigues me.

  8. Oklahoma State Cowboys

    I am always a fan of teams that have good talent, offensive fire, and a pro prospect needing to step up. Justin Blackmon's Cowboys fit that mold.

  9. Mississippi State Bulldogs

    Another small shocker here, but Dan Mullen is just doing things the right way. Florida, South Carolina, and Florida might be sexier picks, but coaching is on Mullen's side.

  10. TCU Horned Frogs

    Sure TCU has lost a lot of power on both sides of the ball, but they are a team that doesn't rely as much on star power as other teams. The defense has been one of best for years but people are now finding it out.

1) Notre Dame

Recruiting + good coaching can go really far.

2) Louisville

Nobody expected the team to win even 3 games last year but they won seven including their bowl game. Also four of their six losses were by one score (8 points) or less. With arguably the best recruiting class in the country (on a quality upgrade level) and with the best coach in the country (I don't know anyone else that would have done this much so quick), I think they are a Big East contender and a possible BCS team.

3) Iowa

I have to note the Hawkeyes as an Iowa City native, but the Hawks play at the level of their competition which means that they will always compete for a title. They also are a team that never should be a top-15 team in the preseason because historically that dooms them. I personally don't think Kirk Ferentz is even one of the top-25 coaches in the country (average record, average recruiting for a coach making championship money), but the team could be competitive this season.