There will be plenty of trades in the draft night as there always are, but many times it doesn't make sense. Annually the Patriots rip someone off, the desperate teams (Browns and Vikings to name a couple) collect and spend 1st round picks, and there is often a team that trades way too far up (Bills for Sammy Watkins) to grab 'their guy.'

Here are three trades that could very much happen on draft day:

1) Dolphins and Raiders

This trade actually happened a couple of years ago and it helped neither side. But the Raiders are a team with so many needs that getting one certain guy might not be the best option, Especially if you have a few choices to pick from (Amari Cooper or Kevin White). The Dolphins on the other hand are a team with a lot of their holes filled, and a guy like Amari Cooper might just be what the doctor ordered.

For this trade I think the Raiders pick up a 2nd round pick and don't be surprised if they double dip on offense.

Dolphins Select (4th): Amari Cooper, WR, Alabama

Cooper is pro ready and will be able to contribute right away. It costs a little to get there, but the Dolphins fortify their offensive presence in the division.

Raiders Select (14th): Todd Gurley, RB, Georgia

The Raiders could use this pick on a defensive player that fell, or even a 2nd tier receiver like DeVante Parker. But getting potentially the best rusher since Adrian Peterson makes a ton of sense too.

Raiders Select (47th): Maxx Williams, TE, Minnesota

Kind of an obscure pick, but it could be a great one. The Raiders have needed a weapon at tight end for a while, and Williams is the best one in this draft. This pick could also be a receiver, but they will also have a chance at a guy like Nelson Agholor or Dorial Green-Beckham at the beginning of the 2nd. Just imagine the Raiders walking away with two or three instant upgrades on offense to pair with their young QB!

2) Broncos and Vikings

This trade seem so strange that it almost makes sense. Let's be very honest about both of these teams. The Broncos are a team with a rapidly closing window, while the Vikings are a window-wide-open team with one looming star that just doesn't want to be there. The Vikings pick up extra picks, while the Broncos add a real running threat to their backfield.

Broncos Receive: Adrian Peterson, RB

A year off and the wrong side of 30 do not add up to this being a 2,000-yard Peterson. But being Peyton's runningback and being in Gary Kube's rushing offense could be very, VERY interesting.

Vikings Select (28th): Cam Erving, OL, FSU

This would make the 4th straight year that the Vikings end up with two 1st round picks. I'm not sold that Melvin Gordon will be there, and the Vikings need a guy that can slot in. Erving will more than likely find his way at center or guard in the league, but he can fill in at four or even five different spots.

Vikings Select (59th): Eric Rowe, CB/S, Utah

Rowe is a big and nasty player that could solidify the backfield for the team. They need help both at safety and at corner and Rowe could be great.

Overall the Broncos get possibly the final piece to the puzzle to win the superbowl while the Vikings end up with four picks in the top-60. 

3) Tennessee and San Diego

This one has actually picked up a lot of steam, but it makes too much sense. Each team wins, and neither team really loses.

Titans Receive: Phillip Rivers, QB

In all reality if the Chargers are moving to L.A then Rivers has made it very clear that he will not sign another contract come a year from now. He may however love to live close to home in Tennessee, and the Titans get a huge 5-year upgrade at QB. 

San Diego Receives: Marcus Mariota (2nd overall pick), QB, Oregon

If the Chargers don't think that they will have a chance to keep Rivers in town, then getting a potential 12-year starter for the future is the way to go. The team right now is aging and not in a place to win it all, so why not move on now and start the re-build while the Broncos window closes?