It has been less than 24 hours since Joe Paterno was dismissed from Penn State University, an act that I never thought would or could happen. While it is a strange line of circumstances that led to his firing, I know for a fact that it sets the precedent in place to essentially make no job safe in college football from here on out.

If you are watching ESPN right now then you are seeing a lot of people talking about the fact that Paterno's legacy is forever tarnished, and that Paterno will be remembered by his firing more than his wins. But I don't for a single second believe that in ten years that the firing will be the first thing remembered. 

Joe Paterno will forever be remembered for his winning, for his Brett Favre / Cal Ripken passion for a sport, or for a game. He will remembered for his glasses, for his time coaching up in the booth, and for his elderly off the field "I'm Joe Paterno" attitude that seemed to emerge every few years. 

Right now Joe Paterno is getting criticism to the point that he is getting treated as if he actually did the disgusting acts, and while he 100% made the wrong decision in not doing more to fix the problem, the fact of the matter is that he did do his legal obligations in the case. I completely believe that Paterno was silenced in 2002 after reporting what he did to the school, and I completely believe that he silenced himself for fear of losing the job then. It has been long rumored that the PSU Board of Trustees has been waiting for any possible way to get Paterno out of the job, and I believe that he has been fearful of the pink slip for a lot longer than we would know.

So while you are watching the outcome of a very terrifying situation at Penn State for the next few weeks, I want you all to just appreciate what Paterno did for a school, and for a sport rather than basing your decisions on a set of disgusting acts that one man didn't do more to report.