Now that we have a new CBA that is about to be signed, it is time to analyze what will happen next. Where will Kevin Kolb end up? What about Nnamdi Asomugha? Will Donovan McNabb and Fat Albert end up staying with the Redskins? There is no true way of saying, but I have five strong predictions for the post-CBA.

1) Donovan McNabb Won't Be A Redskin, But Albert Haynesworth, Matt Hasselbeck, And Vince Young Will Be

This first prediction is one that is based a lot on math. I do believe that the Redskins will trade McNabb to a team that is looking to win some games now. Minnesota, Miami, and Tennessee are three teams that I think are primed for a playoff push, and I think the Titans could benefit from having a guy to teach Jake Locker. The Titans would love to get Albert Haynesworth in the trade too, but I just don't know that the Redskins are going to want to part with the 30(ish) million dollar cap hit from Haynesworth's guaranteed contract. 

McNabb on the other hand doesn't have the giant block of guaranteed cash in his contract, so he is expendable. I believe the Titans would be willing to part with a mid round pick and they may even be able to pawn off Vince Young on the desperate Redskins. Finally I expect the Redskins to offer a deal to bring Matt Hasselbeck in to compete. It may be silly to bring in a 4th quarterback, but the team needs to find as many options as they can going into the preseason.

2) Kurt Warner, Brett Favre, And Marc Bulger Will All Get Contract Offers

If you have been a Draft Maven follower for a little while (and why wouldn't you be), you would know that I believe Brett Favre will see the field this next (and even further down the road) season. Brett Favre is still good enough to play for a team that is ready to compete, and it is hard to believe that he won't get an offer. Marc Bulger was already expected to see a contract sent his way, but don't be shocked to hear a few words come out about Kurt Warner. There isn't a part of me that thinks Warner couldn't step right back into the Arizona Cardinals organization and compete in that division. There are just too many team that need a quarterback in 2011 that all three of these guys could see a start.

3) Randy Moss, Plaxico Burress, and T.O Will All Get Contracts

Sure Moss had a bad year, Plax had a bad few years, and T.O would have struggled to sign with teams even before his knee injury, but they all will get offers. I believe that because of the new CBA just getting signed, that teams will struggle to trust any of the rookie receivers. The Patriots, Jets, Dolphins, Raiders, Giants, Bears and Texans are just a few of the teams that could use an extra receiver, and I completely expect most of them to sniff the free agent pool for receivers. 

For the record, I would say that Moss will sign with the Jets, Plax with the Pats (although Pat fans will disagree with any receiver additions), and T.O will sign a two year deal with the Browns.

4)  Nnamdi Asomugha's Signing Will Shape The Kevin Kolb Trade

If I had to bet what the odds were right now for the Nnamdi lottery, the Raiders wouldn't even be in the top-5 of my radar. The team overpaid CB2 Stanford Routt by 15-million this offseason, and then drafted two other corners. The team must know that Nnamdi is gone.

Nnamdi will get some offers from Houston, Dallas and Washington among others, but won't be a Texan, Cowboy, or Redskin. I am not sure where he ends up, but his interest in Philly will sway the Kevin Kolb trade. The Eagles will get offered a 2012 1st round pick and the rights to Patrick Peterson from the Cardinals for Kolb. They will also get offered a 2012 1st round pick, as well as a conditional 2013 1st round pick from a Dolphins team that is desperate to win. That is why...

5) Kevin Kolb Will Be A Dolphin And Nnamdi Asomugha Will Fly Like An Eagle

The Eagles could really be sitting pretty soon. They have the power to essentially end up with a 1st round pick and the best CB prospect to come out in a very long time, or they could end up with a few first round picks and the best CB in the game (by far). I honestly believe that the Eagles would rather wind up with the best corner in the game now and a few future picks than to get a lot of potential. I'm lower than just about everyone out there is on Kevin Kolb, but I think he could do very well behind Miami's line.