Nope. He isn't a better prospect than Luck, and never will be, but I think that he could have the better NFL career. When Luck played in college you knew that he just was great, and that he would just be great in the pros. But unfortunately for him, he had never flashed that 'thing' that 'it' factor that made me believe that he will win multiple championships in the NFL. Tom Brady has 'it' and he had it in college. Big Ben and Eli Manning have always had that 'thing,' which cannot be explained outside of their ability to just do 'it.' Unfortunately, Peyton Manning doesn't have 'it,' and I'm not sold that Luck has 'it' either.

I know that this is going to stir up a million different critical reviews about how Peyton Manning might be the best QB ever, but he is 9-11 in the playoffs while being one and done 2 out of every three playoff years. Brother Eli almost has as many playoffs wins despite starting in only 40% the number of years. Oh, and that Brady guy is 17-7 in the playoffs with only two one and done years (20% opposed to Peyton's 66%). You can mention team qualities and systems all you want, but Brady has more of 'it' than Peyton ever will. 

So why does Bridgewater have it? Because of adversity. He wasn't handed the keys to a great and growing team like every Florida, Alabama, Texas and Ohio State QB has over the last ten years. He had to fight his way up the charts on a bad team, and was able to become the starter by the 4th game of his freshman year. He would help fight his team to an unexpected bowl birth, and better praises for the 2012 season. 

2012 was nothing short of a great season for Bridgewater while carrying his team of young and raw players to a BCS birth and an 11-2 record and a huge win over a nasty Florida defense. He plays with great stamina in the pocket, and he doesn't make the mistakes that many other guys do. He doesn't throw interceptions (and didn't have a game with more INT than TD's last year). He can pick apart teams (only one game with a sub-60% completion rate last year, and three of them with 80+ percent). He can run, but he isn't a running quarterback, and he does nothing but fight for everything.

He isn't as polished as Luck was coming out, and he never will be, but he has a special set of intangibles that Luck doesn't have. He wins with whatever he has, he takes apart defenses, and he shows up in big games. He throws the ball into very tight spots, and he deserves to play in the NFL.