The title pretty much explains itself. I have already picked my brackets and have reasoned with the results, but now we must decide the sweet 16 winners. I will NOT just say "I picked Kansas to win this game before and will keep it." After watching every game this weekend I have a good idea on talent and potential, so I will select the rest of the bracket as if it were starting with only 16 teams.


Ohio State v Kentucky

I hate this game for Ohio State. Ohio State is good, but Kentucky starters are just as good. Ohio State has just a little more depth than Kentucky does though, and Kentucky needed close wins against Princeton and West Virginia to get here. I like Ohio State, but closer than some expect, and I think Kentucky wins 4 out of 10 matchups.

Ohio State wins

Marquette v North Carolina

Marquette is coming off of two different upsets and they have shown final-4 potential at times, while UNC is a legit final four squad. I actually can't wait to watch this game because I expect a close game. UNC is the better defense and is better at rebounding, but Marquette just seems like they are able to compete with the best. I like the upset here.

Marquette wins

Elite 8 game: Ohio State v Marquette

I truly believe that UNC could beat Ohio State in this tournament, but I just am not sure if Marquette can. Marquette will stand a chance, but I think Ohio State has it here.


Duke v Arizona

Duke is a team that had too close of a game against Michigan this weekend, but Duke did get it done. Arizona on the other screwed Memphis by fouling in the closing seconds and not drawing a call. They then screwed a Texas time out in the round of 32. I honestly do believe that they would have lost one of the two games if the refs hadn't messed up, and I think Duke will get some redeption on them this weekend.

Duke Wins

UConn v San Diego State

This is a very intriguing game. UConn is the media favorite to win, but Vegas actually sees it as a much closer game. I think that Kemba Walker is getting a little bit more credit than he deserves, but SD State should only be a 4 seed in this tournament. I like UConn here, but I hope SD State pulls it off.

UConn wins

Elite 8 game: Duke v UConn

I don't love how either team has played thus far, but I do think Duke is the most talented overall team in the country. They won it last year, they started 1st this year, and they are getting healthy again.

Duke wins


Kansas v Richmond

Kansas still hasn't impressed me in this tournament. They didn't destroy a very bad Boston team, and they barely pulled away from an Illinois team after the refs started screwing over Illinois. I picked Richmond to get this far, and I won't be surprised to see them win, but I think Kansas just sneaks through.

Kansas wins

VCU v Florida State

Coming into the tournament I really liked Florida State. They have the best defense in the country and they are able to get points against teams that can score. Also coming into the tournament I doubted VCU a lot. I hate this matchup for both teams, and I hate to doubt VCU, but FSU is just playing special.

Florida State to win

Elite 8 game: Kansas v Florida State

On a talent level this is easily a Kansas win, but I like FSU (or VCU for that matter) to pull the upset to the final-4. I hate knocking off a team I had in the championship game but FSU just has a nasty feeling.

Florida State wins


Butler v Wisconsin

Here are two teams that I had losing in the first round. Butler is able to squeeze by any team, but Wisconsin has the potential to beat any team convincingly. I'm taking Butler here, but I hate doing so.

Butler wins

BYU v Florida

I picked BYU originally because I didn't think that Florida was a very good team. Unfortunately for me Florida is playing like a championship team. I like Florida in this game big.

Florida wins

ELITE 8 Game: Florida v Butler

Again I think Florida's team is playing special ball right now and I think they get through Butler pretty easily.

Florida wins


I personally hate that I only am keeping one final 4 team from my original predictions.

Ohio State v Duke

I sort of wish this was UNC because it would be media gold, but that didn't happen for this bracket. I think that Ohio State and Duke matchup pretty well in this game. Ohio State would start out hot and take an early lead, but Duke's relentless depth and experience would bring them back to win it late.

Duke wins

Florida State v Florida

This is a media's lovefest of a game. Florida might have the best offense in the country while FSU has the best defense. Florida State could end up pulling off the win in the game, but I just think that Florida is a little too strong to fight.

Florida wins


This looks like a great game. Duke bleeds experience, championship potential and starpower while Florida's front five can beat anyone. I am taking Florida in this game, but I don't love them.